Hi Friends,

Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

With regards,
Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Monday, 2 April 2018

Making Money from " Online Jobs Fair " [ Part D ]


Date : Tue, Sep 13, 2016

Sub. :  RE: Hello

Dear VS ,

It is not possible to download the entire database of 230,000 corporate from any place in B2B

Incidentally , I have terminated the Maintenance Contract for B2B and CustomizeResume web sites from Nov and plan to sell off both these sites

If you know anyone interested , you may ask him to get in touch with me


Warm Regards,

Hemen Parekh
(M)=91 – 98,67,55,08,08

PS :

From www.hemenparekh.in , it is possible to download E Mail database of some 2 MILLION Indian Executives !

Date : Mon, Sep 12, 2016

Sub. :  Hello

Dear HCP Sir,

Hope you are doing good.

I was trying to check and download the email id database of 230,000 Indian Companies, however when I go to World Wide Wall and open any blasted message it shows maximum of 945 email sent. Can you please guide me how to download the entire database.


Date : Tue, Apr 19, 2016

Sub. :  FW: RecruitGuru Database

Dear Team,

*  Pl go through the following mail from Kartavya

    That explains what he has been able to do ( to revive RecruitGuru ) and what now , you need to do

*  I have asked my colleague, Sachin , to send to you , Source Code as modified by Kartavya

*  I hope , you succeed in restoring it fully , on your local server . Pl let me know when done

Warm Regards,

Hemen Parekh
(M)=91 – 98,67,55,08,08

Date : Mon, Apr 11, 2016

Sub. :  Mass Recruitment using Web Interface


Long before I wrote down logic / UI , for  OnlineJobsFair.com ( proposed web site ) , we developed a plan to hire hundreds of persons for RPL ( Reliance Petro Ltd ) - way back in 2003 - using web based interview tool , and remote interviewing by dozens of experts ( interviewers ) simultaneously

You can go thru this plan at,

In the UI ( of the tool ) , read " Interview Education " as " Interview Evaluation "

Since , for your proposed web site , you too were planning " Telephonic Interviewing " of working girls , this might be of interest to you

with regards

hemen  parekh

Marol , Mumbai , India

( M ) +91 - 98,67,55,08,08

Date : Mon, Apr 11, 2016



There are Source Codes for,

#    4/5 web sites ( past job portals ) and

#   3/4 offline " Tools "( including  Resume Rater / GuruGem / Interviewer  ) and

#   2 Mobile Apps ( " My Jobs " and " Resume Blaster " )

#   1 Order Execution System - OES ( offline tool for Recruitment / Headhunting firms )

I am trying to upload all of these on some web site and create links which I can email to those who request ( I expect a few requests ) . They can click and download

I will let you know as soon as we are ready

If you know of such web sites , then pl send me links

Warm Regards,

Hemen Parekh

(M)=91 – 98,67,55,08,08

Date : Mon, Apr 11, 2016


Dear Friends,

Somehow , download links "  Resume  Rater " and " Interviewer " do not seem to open from the SITE MAP page of www.IndiaRecruiter.net

Of these , RESUME  RATER  tool has been downloaded , by more than 15,000 recruiters from around the World , in the past 8 years from various web sites ( Cnet / Download / Softpedia etc )

If you wish , I can send you the Source Codes for Resume Rater - and even IndiaRecruiter web site .

Just write to me

May be you can come up with V 2.0 !   If you succeed , do let me know

In the meantime , I will try to search / locate , Source Code for " Interviewer "

As far as RESUME RATER  , is concerned , it's working is described below

with regards,

hemen  parekh

Marol , Mumbai , India

( M ) +91 - 98,67,55,08,08
Resume Rater will help you rate resumes by sorting them into categories.
Resume Rater literally mimics human brain, as it "Reads" each resume, spots the presence ( or absence ) of the selected function / skill related keywords ( and their context ), and assigns predetermined "Weightages" (in human brain's parlance - the "importance") to each keyword to compute an overall SCORE for each resume.
Here are some key features of "Resume Rater":
 Resume Rater "rates" resumes for their suitability / relevance against a given functional background or a given skill background that you are looking for in any resume.
 Resume Rater sorts the text resumes into categories
 When you click on any particular "Category" in the table, only the relevant resumes will get displayed
 It saves your time ( - the scarcest resource ).
 It automates ( albeit, thru collective intelligence of thousands of users), the "Rating" process.
 It vastly improves the quality of rating (being unbiased / untiring / thorough ).
 It enormously speeds-up the short-listing process ( whom to call for interview ? )
 You are no more glued to your mailbox !
 It enables you to spend more time interviewing / evaluating candidates ( something which no software can do ).
Resume Rater highlights (in RED) the keywords found in a resume.
When you click on any of these keywords, a set of relevant INTERVIEW QUESTIONS pop-up! Then you can link CONSULT WIKIPEDIA to find answers ! This feature works when you are online.
 Suddenly those thousands of unsearchable text resumes lying in hundreds of files and folders on your hard-disk, get
Rated ( score-wise )
Organized ( Function / skill wise )
Meaningful (for which vacancy ? )
Searchable ( a matter of seconds )
 Pentium III / Equivalent Processor, 1.3 GHz or Higher
 256 MB RAM
 40 MB Free Disk Space
 Microsoft Office 2003 or Higher
 Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) version 2.6 or Higher Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or Higher
 Screen Resolution = 1024 x 768
13.2 MB
Windows 2K / XP / Vista / 2003
June 27th, 2007

Date : Sun, Apr 10, 2016

Sub. :  RE: Request for Your Approval - Advisory Board Head

Dear VS,

Thank you for inviting me to join your Advisory Board , which , I accept humbly

I will try to share with you my experience / views , to the best of my ability

Feel free to reach me at any time for consultation

I hope , you will receive by tomorrow , my handwritten notes on :

*   ResumesExchange.com

*   OnlineJobsFair.com

Warm Regards,

Hemen Parekh

(M)=91 – 98,67,55,08,08

Date : Sun, Apr 10, 2016

Sub. :  RE: Request for Your Approval - Advisory Board Head

Dear VS,

Thank you for inviting me to join your Advisory Board , which , I accept humbly

I will try to share with you my experience / views , to the best of my ability

Feel free to reach me at any time for consultation

I hope , you will receive by tomorrow , my handwritten notes on :

*   ResumesExchange.com

*   OnlineJobsFair.com

Warm Regards,

Hemen Parekh

(M)=91 – 98,67,55,08,08

Making Money from " Online Jobs Fair " [ Part C ]


Date : Tue, Sep 27, 2016

Sub. :  RE: STATUS

Dear HCP Sir,

Good Morning.

Very glad to know that your thought process was shaping up before Google!!

So now we are effectively looking at :-
a) A free marketplace for resume posting and free consumption by companies and individuals
b) Online Job Fairs
c) IIT to capture Questions and Answers from Recruiters and Candidates
d) IIT using AI, BIG DATA & Neural Networks will be used to develop a CHATBOT
e) Use Data Feed to support Policy making worldwide
f) Develop BOTs for candidates

So I guess, the focus has to move away from “charging for resumes” to “charge for service around the resume”. As a job portal, we will free resume consumption worldwide and charge for services like Online Job Fairs, Assisted Searches for recruiters and candidates, Assistance in interview process etc.  Do let me know your thoughts on this.

I have gone through your business plan and the takeaway for me in the B plan is the thought process behind it, which will certainly be useful. Thanks for sharing it once again.


Date : Tue, Sep 27, 2016

Sub. :  RE: STATUS


Glad that you appreciate importance of capturing / analyzing / using content created by the Users themselves , to offer an unprecedented / helpful feature

That would also hold true for " Job Market Analytics " , based on 2+ million job advts compiled in CustomizeResume , over the past 7 years

Our ultimate goal { holy grail } should be developing / launching a Software Agent , which does whatever a Jobseeker currently does " manually / deliberately / on his own "

In the meantime you may want to look up  BUSINESS  PLAN / 2001-2004 , which , I had prepared long time back

Of course , its CONTEXT is irrelevant to your own current business but its format / structure , could be of some help


PS :

Today , is GOOGLE's 18th birthday . In 6 weeks ( 14 Nov 2016 ) , it will be 3P web site's 19th birthday  !

Date : Mon, Sep 26, 2016

Sub. :  RE: STATUS

BIRTH   OF   QuestionBot  ?

Dear VS,

Even as you work on developing a  PROJECT PLAN  to integrate ,

*   CustomizeResume

*   OnlineJobsFair

*  ResumesExchange ( - a better name could be " ResumeBarter " )

*  IndiaRecruiter / GlobalRecruiter / MyJobs / Resume Blaster / Resume Rater

*  Resume Parsing Engine ( of RecruitGuru.com ) ...etc ,

you may want to keep the following in mind :

In IndiaRecruiter.net , we had a feature called " IIT / Interactive Interview Tool "

This carried a database of some 15,000 Interview Questions

When a Interviewer clicked on any automatically highlighted " Keyword " in a candidate's resume , two things happened , viz:

#     A Wikipedia definition of that Keyword popped up on the screen

#     An Interview Question , relevant to that clicked keyword , popped up on the screen

Whether that candidate was sitting right there , in front of the Interviewer or was on Skype screen , sitting 10,000 miles away , this feature made Interviewer's life easy !

Unfortunately , in IIT , there was no provision to " capture " those 15,000 ( or other 150,000 ) questions that Interviewers  asked in the course of interviews

Nor there was any functionality to " capture " the  ANSWERS  that candidates gave !

But then, IndiaRecruiter was launched some 10 years back !

Now " Fast Forward " to April 2018

#    You have launched " ResumesandJobs.com "  by April 2017

#    As a result of vigorous promotion / marketing , by April 2018 ,

     *   Interviews conducted through feature " OnlineJobsFair " = 10,000

     *   No of Candidates interviewed = 100,000 ( 10 per job advertised )

     *   No of Interview Questions asked = 1 Million ( 10 per candidate interviewed )

     *  No of Interview Answers = 1 Million

#   All of these Questions and Answers are " captured " in an Audio Log Database

#  Using BIG DATA ANALYTICS , your web site is continuously analyzing  this huge database to reveal "
    Patterns / Trends / Probabilities / Extrapolations etc "

   For doing this ( analysis ) it also takes into account those 2 million + Job Advts already available in the
   online database of CustomizeResume + those new jobs posted by Employers / Recruiters between
    April 2017 and April 2018

#   Using AI technology , and using the BIG DATA analysis ,  your S/W developer develops a ChatBot
    called, " QuestionBot " ( Your very own SIRI / CORTANA / ALLO  ? )

#   Now , when an Interviewer is conducting an interview ( using OnLineJobsFair  feature ) , QuestionBot
   suggests to the Interviewer , WHAT question to ask next , based on :

   *   Job Description ( as written in Job Advt )

   *   Keywords contained in the Resume of the Candidate being interviewed

Of course , it would be only a matter of " Will " ( on your part ) , to also come up with AnswerBot ,
for the benefit of those candidates being interviewed ( remember , " If you don't obsolete
 yourself , then someone else will " ? )

That is only THE BEGINNING  !

Using the captured Audio Log ( of 1 Million Questions and Answers ), your Neural Net
software will uncover / reveal , a huge SET of " IF this , THEN that " type of decision-rules ,
to evaluate the resumes of the Candidates applying and offering to be interviewed , and
automatically , on its own , send out Interview Call emails / SMS , { along with Interview
Date / Time / Venue ( virtual cabin ) }, eliminating the need for an Interviewer to read
hundreds of resumes / evaluate / decide whom to call / send out Interview Calls !

To a very limited extent , this feature was enabled in RESUME  RATER  ( 8 years back )

VS ,

Considering the kind of ChatBots being launched by Indian Start-Ups these days , developing such an EXPERT SYSTEM does not seem , so esoteric / far-fetched !

If you still are unconvinced , read following excerpts from book ( I have just finished Chapter 1 ) , " Inevitable " ( Author : Kevin Kelly ) :


" Because here is the other thing the graybeards in 2050 will tell you :

Can you imagine how awesome it would have been to be an innovator in 2016 ?

It was a wide-open frontier ! You could pick almost any category and add some AI to it , put it on the cloud......

Expectations and barriers were low. It was easy to be the first.

And then they would sigh."Oh, if only we realized how possible everything was back then ! "

So, the truth : Right now , today , in 2016 is the best time to start up .

There has never been a better day in the whole history of the World to invent something

There has never been a better time with more opportunities , more openings , lower barriers , higher benefit/risk ratios , better returns, greater upside than now

Right now , this minute

This is the moment that folks in the future will look back at and say, " Oh , to have been alive and well back then "

The last 30 years has created a marvelous starting point , a solid platform to build TRULY GREAT THINGS

But what's coming will be different , beyond , and other

The things we will make will be constantly, relentlessly becoming something else

And the coolest stuff of all has not been invented yet

Today truly is a wide-open frontier. We are all becoming . It is the best time EVER in human history to begin

You are not late

Warm Regards,

Hemen Parekh

(M)=91 – 98,67,55,08,08

Date : Fri, Sep 23, 2016

Sub. :  RE: STATUS

Dear HCP Sir,

I had a detailed discussion with my team and here are the thoughts and further the plan of action.

1.       The portfolio of products that you have in the kitty needs to be integrated into one single product with different or special features.
2.       Resumes Exchange has the potential to disrupt the market and will be Engine of this platform.
3.       Online Job Fairs can be an innovative tool and a major attraction on the platform

Plan of Action :

1.       At this point in time I am not sufficiently funded to either buy or invest in development of the product line. However, that should not be the reason for the concept to not see the light of the day.
2.       If we can arrive at an plan wherein we can get all of them combined into a single product, and estimate the cost of building this one product then I would like to pitch for investment.
3.       Alternatively, if you can introduce me to S/W developers who have worked upon the products earlier, and are willing to develop the product as we may want, then I can work out an equity-swap arrangement between all 3 of us.
4.       If you find pointer no 2 or 3 doable, then I can come down to Mumbai to meet you and discuss this in detail and chalk out further plan of action.

Trust this helps. Will await your kind reply.


Date : Wed, Sep 21, 2016 

Sub. :  RE: STATUS

Dear Sir,

My apologies as I was unable to revert earlier, was held up in Vijayawada along with the team for the meeting that I told you about.

Firstly, I appreciate your detailed response. It is so meticulous and to the point that I am left speechless. This shows you are a man of systematic planning and chase perfection even at this age. So much for me to learn from you every time I interact with you!

I will revert to you by Friday eod with the plan of action I have in mind. This will help in taking this to the next level.

Thanks once again.


Date : Tue, Sep 20, 2016

Sub. :  STATUS

Dear VS,

It was nice talking to you yesterday and knowing your interest in ,

 Reviving some of my older job related sites ( RecruitGuru / World-Wide-Jobs / GlobalRecruiter / IndiaRecruiter )

#  After updating , marketing some other existing working sites ( CustomizeResume / B2BmessageBlaster )

 Developing the one whose logic and U/I are already conceptualized ( OnlineJobsFair )

 Developing one whose CONCEPT is already framed ( ResumesExchange )

 Resurrecting Mobile Apps with modifications / re-coding ( My Jobs / Resume Blaster )

 Re-coding tool " Resume Rater "

Briefly , the current status is as follows :


    Full source-code and documentation will be available by end Oct

    But , as far as the integrated Mobile Apps are concerned , " My Jobs " is not working although source-code is
    available , since HP stopped supporting

    Resume Blaster ( App ) may be working ( needs to be checked ) / Source code available

    Shuklendu ( Sentient System ) had planned to combine both into one

    Job Advt RSS feeds have stopped working since MonsterIndia / Naukri / Timesjobs / Clickjobs , changed their
    structure / Needs attention


    Fully functional and working / Source-code and Documentation will be available by end Oct


    Concept / logic / UI / Page Write-Ups available . Full development required . Ideal for Freshers

    To best of my knowledge , nothing like this exists on the Net

    This has the potential to substitute the CAMPUS INTERVIEWS for students graduating from not-so-well-known
    colleges , which never get Interviewers to go to those campuses

    This will also provide FOREIGN EMPLOYERS , with a PLATFORM where they can interview thousands of Indian
    Graduates online , at NIL cost ( or NEGLIGIBLE , if you decide to charge some Fees to the Employers , for each
    interview - session )

    These FOREIGN EMPLOYERS may even use this platform for interviewing " Professional Experienced Freelancers "
    for " Subcontracting / Outsourcing " s/w coding or similar remote work


    Only Concept is written down and logic is explained

    But development hinges on revival of the RESUME PARSING  ENGINE , which was the heart of RecruitGuru.com

    For some technical reasons , two sets of geeks have been unable to revive RecruitGuru ( cannot connect with
    databases )

    They also felt that instead of wasting time on " reviving " something based on a very outdated tech (ASP.net 1 ),
    it would be better / easier to rewrite the code in ASP.Net 3.5

    I can share with you , my handwritten detailed notes re LOGIC for the PARSING ENGINE , which should suffice

    to prepare the source-code

 RESUME   RATER  (  Tool  )

    I have a feeling that we have " lost " the source-code  ! But I do have handwritten notes re the logic , so it

    should be possible to re-write the code , with latest " weightages " for the Keywords found in , both the Resumes

    and the Job Advts

    Although available for downloading from a number of web sites , the tool NOW , does not work since it is

    supposed to " fetch " the latest " Keyword Weightages " ONLINE , from www.IndiaRecruiter.net ( which has

    stopped working , due to problem of database connection ! )

 GlobalRecruiter /  IndiaRecruiter / World-Wide-Jobs ( WWJ )

    I believe , I have already sent to you , Source Codes for the first two ( and for RecruitGuru.com )

    You can even see these two online ( but not functional )

    Both contain interesting ideas / concepts , which can be incorporated in your future offerings

    It is not worth reviving these in their current " avatars "  !


#  Whether you decide to buy B2B and CustomizeResume , or not , I will continue to guide you in your other

    job portals ventures , to the extent my health permits . No strings attached  !

#  As far as B2B and CustomizeResume are concerned , I am in no position to carry out any changes / error-

    corrections / modifications . My offer is on " As is , Where is " basis , comprising source code / documentation

    and relevant databases

#  I would , however be happy to share with you copies of my handwritten notes re these web sites

#  In case you wish to subcontract / outsource , any development work on these ( or on OnlineJobsFair /

    ResumesExchange etc ), I can put you in touch with some S/W developers who earlier worked in my company

    on these projects . You will need to spell out to them , your exact requirements / Functional Specifications ,and

   directly enter into proper commercial contracts with them

   I would , however , be happy to guide them ( refresh their memories of our past discussions on those subjects )

#  Should you decide to buy B2B and CustomizeResume , and we reach a formal Agreement in respect of this , I

    can organize a ONE DAY hand-over meeting with your technical persons and a Representative from Sentient

    Systems . This will have to take place latest by end Oct , when my contract with Sentient expires

    This meeting will have to take place in my office

If there are any questions , feel free to phone / write

with regards,
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Date : Fri, Sep 16, 2016

Sub. :  RE: Hello


As requested , find below the Salient Features of B2B web site

I believe it has considerable value , especially if promoted aggressively among FOREIGN COMPANIES desirous of Finding Indian Partners for Distributorship / Collaborations / Joint Ventures

Although , there are a number of Indian B2B web sites ( with larger databases ) , our USP is unique !

I await your proposal

Warm Regards,

Hemen Parekh

(M)=91 – 98,67,55,08,08


FEATURES   OF    www.B2BmessageBlaster.com

#    This is a Mobile-Friendly  web site with a uncluttered and elegant look

#    It has following  databases :

*   230,000 + Indian Corporate ( Names + Email Id ) located in 380 cities and organized according to 52 +
     Industry Sectors

*   More than 5,000  thousand Chambers of Commerce , in 3000 + cities of the World

*   Indian MPs / MLAs / Ministers and Secretaries ( Central + States )

*   Other  Policy Makers

#   A subscriber can Compose and store any number of Marketing Messages ( for blasting )
    (  To prevent abuse ,  all messages are first approved by Webmaster before these can be blasted  )

#   Marketing Messages can be blasted to above-mentioned entities ( City wise / Industry wise ), with
    just  ONE CLICK  ( Our USP ) / No need to spend 6 days to send email messages to 654 Companies  !

#   Page to view " Blasted Messages "

#   Messages delivered as E mails through NetCore.com

#   Ability to select specific Companies ( by name ) for sharp targeting

#   Composed messages can carry photos / images

#   Record of Marketing Campaigns

#   Joining Bonus of  1000  FREE emails / subsequent charge of  20 paise per email

#   Online Re-charge through CCAvenue Payment Gateway

#   Dynamic counter to display , " Credit Balance ( in Rs and in no of Emails )"

#   Email Alerts to Indian Ministers / MPs / MLAs etc when a Foreign Company sends message to Indian
     Companies ( depending upon the State in which Indian Companies are located )

#   Links to web sites of hundreds of Indian Companies as " Much Needed Resource " for Foreign

#   For benefit of Foreign Companies , facility to translate all pages in 9 Foreign languages

#   Feature to enable Foreign Companies to send Email Messages to Ministers for expediting their stuck

#   Database ( links ) of Foreign Investment News / Feature to register & contribute such News

#   Live / dynamic RSS feeds from twitter pages of Narendra Modi / Amitabh Kant / DIPP / InvestIndia

The entire process is explained at ,  " Dear Pallavi 

On Sept 05 2015 , the then Secretary - DIPP , Shri Amitabh Kant ( now , CEO - NITI Aayog ) had , in a personal meeting , agreed to provide on the Home Page of ....www.MakeInIndia.com....web site , hyperlinks to the following pages of ...www.B2BmessageBlaster.com  :

#     Who is Investing in India ? ( now home page of B2B )

For some reason , this did not go through !


hemen parekh  /  hcp@RecruitGuru.com  /  0-98,67,55,08,08  /  16  Sept  2016