Hi Friends,

Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

With regards,
Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Wednesday, 1 April 1970


Appendix E

Directions for use - Read this list over carefully.
Circle 'yes' areas you want training in. Circle the Question
mark if uncertain. 'No' if you need no improvement on your job
or for promotion to a better job.
1 How to train people Quickly and easily Yes  ?     No
2 How to lead or direct, others   Yes  ?     No
3 How to plan                         Yes  ?     No
4 How to organise                    Yes  ?     No
5 How to control                      Yes  ?     No
6 How to interpret and apply company policies Yes  ?     No
  and procedures
7 How to get out more work - motivate people Yes  ?     No
8How to discipline workers         Yes  ?     No
9 How to improve job methods    Yes  ?     No
10 How to do research work        Yes  ?     No
11 How to learn a new job          Yes  ?     No
12 How to understand myself and others -
  sensitivity                            Yes  ?     No
13 How to break down a job into elements Yes  ?     No
14 How to work out new ideas    Yes  ?     No
15 How to develop my own manual skill  Yes  ?     No  
16 How to keep machines in working condition Yes  ?     No  
17 How to keep things in order     Yes ?     No
18 How to evaluate and rate employee performance Yes  ?     No
19 How! to reduce waste (time, materials, 
   supplies)                             Yes  ?     No
20 How to improve my performance on the job Yes ?     No
21 How to improve the morale of my unit Yes ?     No
22 How to sell ideas to a superior    Yes  ?     No
23 How to manage the boss            Yes  ?     No
24 How to delegate authority          Yes  ?     No
25 How to hold people responsible for results Yes    ?     No
26 How to get people to work together - Yes  ?     No
27 How to be diplomatic - tactful     Yes  ?     No
28 How to improve my written and oral expression  Yes   ?     No
29 How to recognize details that count Yes  ?     No
30 How to read blueprints and drawings Yes  ?     No
31 How to read charts and tables   Yes  ?     No
32 How to improve my reading and speaking   Yes  ?     No
33 How to judge the importance of instructions Yes  ?     No
34 How to recognise causes of fatigue  Yes  ?     No
35 How to improve my memory            Yes  ?     No
36 How to reduce disagreeable factors on jobsYes   ?     No
37 How to sell safety to my workers – preventYes   ?     No
38 How to work more comfortably.       Yes  ?     No
39 How to avoid tensions - conflicts     Yes  ?     No
40 How to conduct conferences and staff meetings Yes    ?     No
41 How to communicate - upwards, downwards, etc Yes  ?     No
42 How to interview others                 Yes  ?     No
43 How to & apply the principles of management Yes ?     No
44 How to make staff 'studies and do staff work Yes ?     No
45 How to make or write reports   Yes  ?     No

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