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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

With regards,
Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Thursday, 11 February 2016


Should You require Soft Copy of this slide show, send us an email to hcp@recruitguru.com

Date : Sat, Nov 5, 2016

Sub. :  Interview Session Video in OJF

Is it possible to allow / enable the concerned Interviewer  and the
concerned jobseekers , to download the video of their own interview
session , at the end ?

This facility will be very useful , at least to the candidate being
interviewed , for watching it later , again and again , to find out
where he goofed up / gave wrong answers / expressed poorly / wrong
body language / lack of listening - etiquette etc

Pl consider


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Date : Fri, Nov 4, 2016



Even as I await your phone call , here are two suggestions to " dazzle " the Recruiters and the Jobseekers , in OJF :

#   Simplifying Recruiter's Life

No recruiter / interviewer can just CLICK OPEN a resume and remember that he has interviewed this guy , 3 months / 6 months / 3 years back , AND marked him " Rejected " after filling up the " Candidate Assessment Form " - especially , if Recruiter is conducting interviews ( of , mostly FRESH GRADUATES ) , day in and day out

Of course, we have made a provision whereby , if a Recruiter has any doubt , he can call / look up , the past INTERVIEW HISTORY of that candidate , and see the past ASSESSMENT SHEET

But , why leave this to chance ?

Each Candidate has a PEN ( Permanent Executive Number ) , and each Recruiter Company has a PCN ( Permanent Corporate Number )

Once , a Company has interviewed a Candidate , these NUMBERS get linked , permanently

So , next time the SAME candidate applies to SAME company , we should have no problem to POP UP his past " Candidate Assessment Form " ALSO , when Recruiter CLCKS to Open / Read his resume !

No need to remember !  Recruiters will love this HELP !

#  Simplifying  Candidate's Life

We decided that we cannot allow a Jobseeker to " Peep In " any interview cabin and listen into the Questions by the Recruiter and the Answers by the Jobseeker . Such an intrusion of privacy will put off both the parties ! They will feel like being inside a FISH BOWL !

But ,

We are going to capture / store in our database , the entire Interview Session ( Video + Audio ) , of each and every interview

We are , even going to convert each audio / spoken , Question ( and Answer ? ) into Text , in order to create a DATA BANK of Interview Questions

I believe , it is possible ( I don't know how easy or difficult ) , to substitute in the Video :

>  Interviewer's face with my face ( I don't mind ! Makes me immortal ! )

>  Jobseeker's face with your face ( free Brand Building ! )


make such Video available for online viewing , to Jobseekers ( who are willing to pay Rs 5 per Video ) for " Preparing for Interview " ( a kind of Training to get Interviewed )

Even the TEXT of those Questions and Answers , can be super-imposed on each frame !

Remember , enabling Interviewers and Jobseekers to get an " EXPERIENCE " of the kind that no other job portal offers , has to be our USP


Date : Thu, Nov 3, 2016

Sub. :  Requirements PPT for proposed recruitment system


I look forward to our telecom tomorrow

In the meantime , you may want to take a look at the following news re LinkedIn tie-up with HRD Ministry - resulting in 2 lakh students " registering " in 2 months !
You will recall that , in one of my earlier mails , I had suggested for OJF to tie up with,

>   914 Employment Exchanges
>   10,000 Colleges
Obviously , we are at the cusp of a DIGITAL REVOLUTION with launch of OJF !
Also take a look at :

LinkedIn Sings MoU with HRD Ministry to Create More Jobs for Students
First published: November 3, 2016, 10:51 AM IST | Updated: 5 hours ago

Professional networking website LinkedIn has announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Human Resources Development Ministry to create more job opportunities for students across the country.
As part of the agreement, LinkedIn's recently launched "Placements" product will be adopted by all Indian colleges affiliated with All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

Placements provides a level playing field for all students, regardless of their location or college and allows them to take an online assessment test, which gives them direct access to thousands of openings in 35 top corporates in the country.

"Our objective with Placements is to help India's best talent get access to job opportunities, regardless of their location. With this partnership, we are excited to see our vision quickly become a reality," said Akshay Kothari, Country Manager and Head of Product, LinkedIn India, in a statement.

Placements was piloted in November 2015 and then LinkedIn opened the product in September 2016 to students at all colleges and universities in India.

In less than eight weeks from the launch, over two lakh students registered for the product and there were over 1.2 million job applications.

Date : Wed, Nov 2, 2016

Sub. :  OUR USP

VS / Kartavya,

Although somewhat crude / incomplete , following comparison might interest you




[  OnlineJobsFair      Vs      A  Typical   Job  Portal  ]

Dear HR Manager  /  Interviewer :

Amongst many reasons for preferring this web site over other typical job portals , here is the most convincing ;

OnlineJobsFair is  FASTER  as well as  CHEAPER  !

Take a look at the following comparison


PROCESS   :  Post  Job  Advts

     #   OnlineJobsFair       :    Online , in 5 minutes

     #   Typical Job Portal   :    Online , in 5 minutes


PROCESS  :  Candidate Job Search &  Apply

     #   OnlineJobsFair       :    Online in 1 day / Fewer jobs / Jobs arranged Company wise

     #   Typical Job Portal   :    Online in 10 days /  Thousands of jobs / Days to find a suitable job


PROCESS    :   Resume receiving / reading / short-listing

    #   OnlineJobsFair    :  Online in 0.5 day / All "applied" resumes stored in RESUME HOLDER, vacancy-wise

    #  Typical Job Portal : OFFLINE  in 10 days / Mailbox flooded with resumes for many different vacancies
                                    advertized . Difficult and time-consuming to " sort "


PROCESS   :   Send Interview Intimations to short-listed candidates

   #   OnlineJobsFair  :  Online from web site in 0.5 days

   #   Typical Job Portal : OFFLINE ( email to each ) takes 5 days


PROCESS  :  Actual Interviewing and Rating

   #  OnlineJobsFair  :  Online in 1 day

   #  Typical Job Portal : OFFLINE in 1 day


PROCESS  :  Send out Job Offers

  #   OnlineJobsFair  :  Job Offers posted Online , automatically , instantly ( No time ! )

  #  Typical Job Portal  :  OFFLINE  through email , takes 3 days



#   OnlineJobsFair   >   3  days

#   Typical Job Portal  >  29  days



#   OnlineJobsFair   >   NIL

#   Typical Job Portal  >  Rs  50,000 - 100,000 , depending upon logistics / infrastructure / portal subscription !


Date : Tue, Nov 1, 2016


VS / Kartavya,

Sometime back , my colleague Sanjivani , created a few pages of OnlineJobsFair ( including U / I ) , by typing out

But we gave up after a few pages , since it was a very time-consuming process

But whatever pages did get typed , I just uploaded at :
















I hope these pages are easier to read as compared to my handwritten notes !  


Date : Tue, Nov 1, 2016


VS / Kartavya

Following may interest you - especially , the comment on " SPEECH   ANALYTICS "

You will recall that , our own LONG TERM GOAL , is to capture and analyze , all the ( spoken ) ,  Interview Questions and Answers , in OJF , in order to develop / create , "Digital Assistants " called QUESTIONBOT and  ANSWERBOT  !



JUGGLING WITH DATA - What the Data Can Do for You

Moving beyond using data analytics for predicting customer behaviour online, data analytics has moved to solving more complex challenges using video, image and speech analytics, which is being used in the field of sports, healthcare and security among others.
ET's Shadma Shaikh takes a look at new applications of analytics

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Date : Tue, Nov 1, 2016



For preparation of the BLOCK DIAGRAM for OJF ( OnlineJobsFair ) , the following links might help Meena / Pascal :

These were drafted some 4 years back and , as discussed during my visit to your office last Thursday , there are several changes in our thinking

VS :
Earlier , you had indicated that you planned to visit Mumbai in the first week of November , for a detailed discussion with Kartavaya's team / myself , to freeze the FUNCTIONAL  SPECIFICATIONS
I wonder if you have firmed up your plans

Date : Sat, Oct 29, 2016


This article might interest you in the context of " Marketing Strategy for OJF - Online Jobs Fair "
In one of my earlier mails , I had suggested tying up with 914 Employment Exchanges
Currently , FRESH GRADUATES  ( 3.5 million every year ) are the biggest users ofOFFLINE job fairs
So , it stands to reason that they will also be the biggest users of ONLINE job fair
Again , there are lakhs of colleges where company recruiters do not go for Campus Interviews
They should be happy to post on their notice boards , our following email :
Dear Students ( Final year / Graduate - Post Graduate ),
Following Companies will be conducting job interviews on www.OnlineJobsFair.com , as per schedule shown below:
Name of Company / Position - Vacancy / Date / Time / Virtual Interview Cabin Number
Final year students who are interested in appearing for any of the above job , should register on OJF and " Apply "
XYZ  College
Date :.................
I believe, there is no technical problem for our software to send out such a email ( of job interview listing ) to all those colleges which REGISTER on our site on page titled , "PARTNER  COLLEGES / WELCOME ON BOARD "
We may allow them to choose / select :
Pl send us " Job Interview Listing " > Once Daily > Once a week
 Taking learning to screens, across the globe
Impartus targets 10,000 institutes; to focus on South-East Asia, East Africa

In times when MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) enjoy favour across the world, even full-time postgraduate degrees are being offered online in markets like the US and UK.
However, what’s been missing in India is the delivery of high quality teaching to students in a way that they can access lectures even outside the campus.

Education in India

Higher education in India is still campus-based with some institutes offering distance learning as an alternative.
With Impartus Innovations reportedly already helping more than 75 institutions in the country deliver teaching via video, many students enrolled at these institutions can access the company’s flagship productLecture Capture on a range of devices.

Amit Mahensaria, co-founder of Impartus Innovations, says: “We’ve moved from zero to 75-80 per cent market share in India, but even that is small considering the larger base to tap is more than 10,000 institutes.”

Advantage institutes

Impartus has institutions paying a subscription fee on the basis of number of classrooms enabled with its solutions.

IFIM B-School, for example, has reportedly made investments of about a crore, in supporting infrastructure, including solutions by Impartus.

The institute’s relationship with the company is well over a couple of years old, according to a Sanjay Padode, Secretary (Centre for Developmental Education), IFIM B-School.

“Around 27 of the institute’s classrooms are enabled by video-based solutions. We’ve received higher enrolments from students outside the city, but beyond the impact on admissions, benefits are seen to be higher in the learning aspect of it all,” Padode shares.
He adds that while students don’t have to take notes anymore, they can also access the same lessons or modules taught by other teachers; they can also view old lectures before they choose an elective.

R&D partnership

For over two years, Xerox Research Centre India (XRCI) has been “developing technology for learning platforms” in its research lab.

According to Manish Gupta, Vice-President and Director, XRCI’s partnership with Impartus is still in early stages and the three-year agreement on a revenue-sharing basis is “reasonably open ended” in terms of R&D undertaken.

“We were focussed on the engineering education side of things, but on a quick survey of players in the higher education space, Impartus stood out. They already had a presence in institutions across India, while we’re strong in areas like machine learning and other unique capabilities,” Gupta says.

What’s already possible on Lecture Capture, thanks to the deal with XRCI, is automatic indexing so that students find the lecture of their choice; XRCI’s software reportedly also identifies sub-topics.

Mahensaria claims that Impartus has enjoyed growth of 100-200 per cent per annum, as well as month-on-month growth of 10-15 per cent.

Meanwhile, IFIM B-School’s Padode sees that teachers are motivated to make lectures interesting; students get to give their feedback on lectures.


Impartus received Series A funding of more than $4 million from Kaizen Private Equity after bootstrapping the company for more than a year.

The funds are being used for further product development, international expansions, and sales and marketing.

“In Kenya, an untapped market for us, we’re working with a channel partner. We’ve started marketing in South East Asia and East Africa. In Malaysia, we’re investing heavily because we’re also looking at the country as a base for strategic investments in the larger region. But at the moment, more than 90 per cent of our revenues come from India,” Mahensaria reveals.

(This article was published on October 28, 2016)

Date : Tue, Nov 1, 2016



For preparation of the BLOCK DIAGRAM for OJF ( OnlineJobsFair ) , the following links might help Meena / Pascal :

These were drafted some 4 years back and , as discussed during my visit to your office last Thursday , there are several changes in our thinking

VS :
Earlier , you had indicated that you planned to visit Mumbai in the first week of November , for a detailed discussion with Kartavaya's team / myself , to freeze the FUNCTIONAL  SPECIFICATIONS
I wonder if you have firmed up your plans

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