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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

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27 June 2013

Monday, 31 October 2016

LIVE JOBS SUMMARY / Page on Online Jobs Fair

Live Jobs Summary

Dear Employer,

Here is a list of jobs where you still have to conduct interview – even though you may have fixed the interview ( i.e. created Interview Schedule ) for some

But these are jobs, where you are no more accepting any more resumes, i.e. jobs where “ Last Date for accepting Resumes “ is over

When you tick the column ( create Interviews Schedule) , you will be taken a page, where , you can create/ post, interview – schedule for candidates who you have selected for interviewing – after studying their resumes.

Employer Name 
                                                                     Registering Executive Name

Sr. No.
Job ID
Posting Date
( Latest on Top)
Resumes Acceptances Closing Date
Resumes received till closing Date
Create Interview Schedule
No. of Resumes accepted for Interview
( will be Auto-fil)

Resumes Received

Resume Rating
Interview Date

Generate Schedule

Resumes Received ( STEP 1 )

Create Interview Schedule

Dear Employer

You get to see/view this page when you tick following columns on “ LIVE JOBS SUMMARY” page, ( for any particular Job ID ) :

“  Create Interview schedule " column /  “ Edit Interview Schedule ” column.

Resumes of all candidates who “apply” against any particular Job ID, are captured and stop here at a single place.

You can call this page, “Vacancy-wise Resume Holder “.

No flooding of your mail box with thousands of resumes, received against hundreds of advertised by you.

No searching, no sorting ( vacancy-wise ) in your mail box.

In tabulation below, you will find the No. of resumes received ( till Acceptance Date) for all of your current / live jobs.

Clicking on any Job ID in this table will open a tabulation ( under Tab,” Resumes Rating ” where all resumes in the following table get ticked automatically, as follows :

Ø  Rating Under Process ” column – When you click Job ID in first column

Ø  Rating Done ” column – when you click  SUBMIT button, after rating , in “ Resumes Rating “

Ø  Interview Date Allotted ” column – when you click OK button in “ Interview Calendar” table.

Job ID
Position/ Vacancy
Posting Date
Last Date for accepting Resumes
Resumes received
Rating under process

Rating Done
Int- Date Alloted

Engineer Trainee


Data Entry Operator


Resume Rating

Resume Rating ( STEP 2)

Dear Employer

You arrive on this page, only when you click on any Job ID in “ Resume Received ” tab

Upon arrival, you will find that first 5 column are already filled.

All you do is to open/read the resumes ( by clicking on PEN ), and then rate these as A/B/C/R in the column provided.

Then irrespective of your rating, you must pro-actively decide whether a particular candidate  has to be called for interview, by selecting in the last column.

When you are finished rating / selecting all, finally click on SUBMIT.

                                                                                                                                                              Learn what are External Factors / Internal Factors

Job ID selected for Rating  2397

Position : Engineer Trainee

External Factors
Internal Factors
Resumes rated as

% Marks Year
Peer Rating
If already black listed
Rejected earlier
Select if shortlist for Interview

Job ID 2396


No. of candidates shortlisted from each category

   Auto Fill

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