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{  A comparison of Logic - Rules - Conditions - Constraints  }


A note dated 01 Jan 2007 . Of course , a lot of assumptions / technologies / context , have changed since then and some of my comments below , may not be valid any more !

But , should any online job portal wish to implement this concept , I would be happy to help if I can in any way

I do believe that , in India , there is scope for several such  VIRTUAL  JOB  FAIRS   to exist and prosper

For detailed logic / page write-ups / User Interfaces etc , see  "  OnlineJobsFair " ( developed on 06 Nov 2012 )


hemen parekh


26  Oct  2016


*  PJF
Provide a platform for employers and jobseekers to meet / Speed up Recruitment process ( walk in )

*  VJF


 a jobsite ( eg: Timesjobs / Monster etc ) / A Recruitment Agency / A Newspaper

*  VJF


*   PJF
Organizer charges employers to put up stalls . May also charge jobseekers

*   VJF
Thru " Pay per Click " ( on keywords ) using IIT ( Interactive Interview Tool ) / IIM ( Interactive Instant Messaging ) / Video Interviewing


*  PJF
Any employer who " books " a stall . As far as jobseekers are concerned, anybody can walk in

*  VJF
>  Only those Corporate who are " Subscribers " and those jobseekers , who are " registered " . Corporate include Recruitment agencies

As far as Management Institutions are concerned , we will NOT allow them to actually conduct an online interview , using VJF , however , we will allow them to see / view / monitor any VJF interview taking place ( between any employer and any jobseeker ) - but , without revealing the identities of either the Employer or the Jobseeker concerned

This way , final year MBA students will get a " FEEL " / flavour of online interview process , which , they themselves will go through in next few months . ( like my own MS exam at Univ of Kansas , in 1958 ) - a rehearsal ?


*   PJF
Organizers usually advertise in print media , several times before the event

*   VJF
VJF will not be a unique / time-bound " event " . It will be a 24*7 , ongoing online " process " , where , both employers and jobseekers may login and log-out at any time

On VJF homepage / publicity page , ( which anybody should be able to visit- even if he is not logged in ) , Corporate will " post " date / time / vacancies of their online interviewing .

These announcements / time tables / interview schedules , will enable job seekers to log in ( walk in ) at the appropriate times for the desired vacancies .
We will email such announcements to " matching " candidates registered with us


*  PJF
I suppose , sizes of " stalls " are fixed ( two / three sizes ) . The size of the stall will determine ;

>  how many interview cabins can be there

>  how much " waiting area " can be there

>  how much " Admin / Reception area " can be there

Size of the hall / venue will decide , how many stalls can be there - and therefore , how many employers can participate in one " Event "

*  VJF
On IndiaRecruiter, there will be no limit to the no of interview cabins ( secure web pages of IIT / IIM ) that a subscriber can book

Any number is OK ( - the more the merrier / the " money-er " ! )

We may not even insist that the subscriber books the cabin X / Y / Z no of days in advance !

He ( subscriber ) can just walk in ( log in ) and book one ( or more ) cabin for IMMEDIATE use !

Upon " booking " , he will be allotted key / keys ( URLs / IPNs ) for web pages ( cabins ) where he can then " invite " the candidates to log in

Obviously in VJF, there will be no need for " waiting / reception areas "


*  PJF
Actual process of interviewing is private , but outside the interview cabins, every candidate gets to see every other candidate !

There is no privacy / confidentiality . Everybody knows that you are in the job market ! - including your colleagues from your current company !

This is the reason , physical job fairs are totally " unsuited " for experienced professionals ( 2 + years of experience ) who are currently already employed

The situation gets worse , if your own current Employer is one of the participants !

Hence Physical Job Fairs attract mostly FRESH  GRADUATES

*   VJF
In VJF , participating Corporate Employers can be seen by everybody and at all the times . Jobseekers can see them and other Corporate can also see them

This visibility / transparency is essential , as far as " WHO " is interviewing for " WHAT " positions is concerned

Such visibility will attract candidates , AND simultaneously encourage ever-greater participation by Corporate Subscribers

If I am a WIPRO HR manager and on VJF's " Announcement Board " , I can see that my next door neighbour ( HR colleague ) from INFOSYS is interviewing for the post of " Business Analyst " , then I know that I am going to lose some of my " suitable " employees !

The only thing I can do is to " respond / react " by opening up my own Interview Cabin , saying :

" INFOSYS  /  Business  Analyst " [ Now Interviewing ] - like " now boarding "

So that I can pinch some of WIPRO's employees - even as I am losing some of my own !

As far as jobseekers are concerned , only they will decide ,

*  WHEN to reveal their presence / identity

*  WHOM to reveal their presence / identity

They will browse around all Corporate Stalls , while remaining INVISIBLE all the time  - until they decide to get interviewed by ABC corporation .
This feature will motivate even SENIOR executives to participate


*  PJF
A jobseeker must carry a huge pile of resume print-outs . As he walks around the stalls and comes across an interesting employer / vacancy , he will need to hand-out a resume copy and " register " his desire to be interviewed

May be such " registration " is done at the entrance of the hall where each participating Corporate has a " Registration Counter " . Or such registration might be done at the individual stalls

*   VJF
A candidate would log in ( User Name / Password ) at the MAIN ENTRANCE

This will tell us his PEN ( Permanent Executive Number , allotted by our site when he registers ) and his profile in our database

Thereafter , if he comes across an interesting corporate vacancy , at the STALL GATE , he will need to enter :

User ID / Password  /  PEN  /  his PHOTO ?

We want to avoid PROXY at all cost - which is made very easy in a VIRTUAL environment !

He will also " tick / check " against the VACANCY for which he wants to get interviewed

There is no need for him to " submit resume " again and again

Corporate Interviewer will get to " see / view " a list of PEN against each position / vacancy ( waiting candidates )

In IIT / IIM , the Corporate Recruiter will click on the next PEN , to view the entire profile and decide whether that candidate is worth interviewing or not

Interviewer will indicate his decision by clicking on one of the following buttons below the profile :

>  GREEN button  :   Please wait . We will like to interview you

>  RED button      :   We regret your profile does not meet our job requirements

On  " CANDIDATE  CONSOLE " , one of this button will flash


*  PJF
Only local candidates can participate . Unlikely that out-of-town candidates will come . Candidates not reimbursed travel expenses

*   VJF
Not a problem . Corporate and Jobseekers from around the WORLD can participate , around the clock !

Neither HR managers nor jobseekers need to dress up for the occasion ( - till we introduce , VIDEO INTERVIEWS )


*   PJF
Corporate have no method / means to check up whether a candidate has repeatedly appeared for interview in the past - and , if so , what was the " Outcome " each time

*   VJF
In IIT / IIM , a Corporate Subscriber / interviewer will be able to see / view , the FULL PAST HISTORY of each and every candidate's all the PAST INTERVIEWS , with that subscriber company - irrespective of , WHEN / WHERE those interviews were held !

In VJF , we will allow interviewer to FIRST see this HISTORY ( even before starting the interview ) - so that " past failed / rejected " candidates need not have to be interviewed , again and again !

This is a VERY IMPORTANT feature in relation to " Fresh Graduates " , who are very likely to be attending each and every Job-Fair and keep applying , again and again !

This single feature may motivate Corporate to move onto VJF - at least for the " Preliminary Interview "


*   PJF
May be done promptly and may be conveyed to candidate promptly but there is no method to convey the same to other recruiters / HR managers within the Organization

*   VJF
>   Has to be done online / immediate

>   Accessible to all recruiters of same Organization at any time , online through IIT / IIM


*   PJF
Most likely issued immediately on the spot ( from a computer template )

*   VJF
Ditto as above


*    PJF
A one-to-one interview is quite STRESSFUL and has no " Gaming Element " in it
But a Physical Job Fair has an AIR / an ATMOSPHERE ; a certain amount of EXCITEMENT of a MELA ( a fair )

Excitement of :
>   running into classmates / friends

>   exchange of views / notes on WHO got interviewed by WHICH company

>   gossip about what kind of questions were asked / what kind of salaries were offered

*   VJF
In a Virtual Job Fair , computer screen might provide the element of " Gaming " - asking questions by recruiter and giving answers by jobseeker

But , there is no ATMOSHERE / no EXCITEMENT / no GOSSIPING / no NOISE / no MUSIC / no RINGTONES / no FRAGRANCE of perfumes / no FAMILIAR FACES  !

This , despite the fact that , as compared to a Physical Job Fair, in a Virtual Job Fair , there could be , simultaneously hundreds or thousands of interviews taking place

There could be thousands of interviewers and lakhs of candidates ONLINE , present in the same hall - except everything is so SILENT / DRAB / DULL  !

Despite the presence of thousands , VJF fails to look like a,

For VJF to successfully compete with PJF , it will need to LOOK / FEEL / SMELL / SOUND like a ,


Can you imagine , " Kaun Banega Crorepati " ? - without the audience ?

It is the audience that provides the TENSION !

So , we will need to build VJF around a VIDEO  GAME  concept

We will need to recreate a 2D / 3D , picture / photo of a physical job fair , where jobseekers and recruiters can assume a " VIRTUAL  AVATAR "  - as in 
SecondLife.com !



Now, get real jobs in the virtual world
Ad Firm To Set Up Recruiting Service On Second Life
·        The Times of India (New Delhi edition)
·        15 Feb 2007
·        REUTERS
New York: For some job seekers, a trip to a virtual world may hold the key to an actual job. Interactive advertising agency TMP Worldwide, which specialises in recruitment, said it will allow corporate recruiters to hold job fairs and interview potential employees via TMP’s space on the Second Life virtual world.

Second Life, with three million users, has its own economy and currency. Dozens of real-world companies have established a presence there, including Reuters, IBM and General Motors, in hopes of engaging with its users.

TMP is the first company to set up a real-world recruiting service on Second Life, said Louis Vong, TMP’s vice president of interactive strategy. Until now, recruitment in the virtual space was limited to virtual jobs.

“A lot of companies spend money on job fairs at convention centres or hosting at hotels,” Vong said. “We’re saying we can do all this inside Second Life.”

TMP’s “island” within the virtual world will allow clients to host recruiting events and build virtual replicas of their offices.

An avatar— online character—of a corporate recruiter will interview avatars of job seekers, using instant messaging technology.

TMP, until last year a division of Monster Worldwide, said it would pre-screen candidates before scheduling an interview to make sure people are who they say they are.

A company gets real-world resumes, names, e- mail addresses and a chance to promote its brand to a digitally- sophisticated audience in the coveted 18-44 age group, TMP said.

It may also get a skilled staffer to do real work in a real office.

The potential new hire can even get a parachute. A visitor to T-Mobile USA’s section on the island might come away with a virtual cell phone to use in Second Life — or an invitation to sky dive off TMP’s20-story building..

The skydiving experience  fits the adventurous image TMobile wants to project, while the ( virtual ) parachute is yet another opportunity to display the ( quite real ) corporate logo.

“ We’ll shoot you way up above the island and out pops the T- mobile branded parachute,” said TMP’s Russell Miyaki.



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