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Thursday 29 March 2018

Software Architecture For Online Jobs Fair

Employer Zone 

Registered employers can use various features to speed-up their recruitment process. Employer Zone will offer services like: 

 Business Registration  Job Postings  Résumé Search  Résumé Grabber   Payment Account  


Business Registration 

 A simple registration process for employers to register their business with the portal.   It will capture basic business details of the recruiter.  Every employer will have a unique ID to use the different services. 


Job Postings 

 Recruiters can post their job vacancies by defining the job requirements and key skills required.

   System will make the candidate suggestions based on the keyword included in job postings.

  A percentage match index of resume with job requirements will be displayed in descending order.

  Recruiter can use the Résumé Holder to capture and store the resumes received for a listed job vacancy.

  Resume holder will be like an inbox which can be used by the recruiter to view the received resumes at their convenient time. 


Résumé Search 

 Recruiters can search for the résumé based on the key skills. 

 It will give an option to perform the search by primary skill set, secondary skill set, location, latest resumes. 

 Candidates that match the search criteria will be listed in the descending order of their match index to help recruiter filter out the not so related candidates. 


Résumé Grabber 

 This is a premium feature that employer can use to access the résumés uploaded by other recruiters on the portal

 Every employer is given an option to upload their offline résumé database to the portal so that portal can parse and sort the résumés and assist the employer in selecting the best suitable candidate

All the employers will be given the advantage of grabbing the résumés that are available on the portal without any charges

This will help the employers to have a shared pool of résumé database. 


Employer Payment Account 

Every employer will have to create a payment account at the time of registration

 Employers are not charged for using any of the services available on the portal other than online job fair

When a recruiter wants to use the online job fair to conduct online interview, then he will be charged a pre-decided fees for using the services

 All the details that are needed to make the online payment would be captured under this module


Jobseeker Zone 

This module will help the candidates find the perfect match for their skills with minimum efforts. The services provided to the candidate will be :

Candidate Registration

Job Search

Résumé Update


Candidate Registration 

1-step Profile registration for freshers

5-steps registration process for experienced professionals 

Option to connect to the LinkedIn profile

Automatic filling of registration details based on the LinkedIn profile of the candidate 


Candidate – Job Search  

Option to search for the latest job opportunities

The search criteria fields are auto-filled based on the profile and key skills of the logged-in user

Candidate can modify the search criteria to look for a different opportunity 

Job listings based on the match index of the search options selected/entered by the candidate 


Résumé Update Notification  

It is an automatic notification service 

An email is sent to the candidate by the parser when the résumé is parsed by the system

An email notification can also be evoked by the employer if he feels that the résumé is an outdated one

Candidate receives the email notification on the registered email ID and then makes the desired updates to the résumé


Online Job Fair 

Online job fair is a platform for the recruiter to conduct real time interviews by using latest technologies. It will include: 

Video Interviews 

 Candidate Assessment Form 

Speech-to-text conversion of Interview Questions 


Video Interviews 

 Employer can invite the candidates to appear for real time online interviews using the option in online job fair

This is a paid service and if employer has not yet created the payment account, he will be prompted to do so before using this feature

Multiple interviewers belonging to different locations can join in to form an interview panel

The interview room will have the chat option

A white board will be available which can be used by candidates/interviewer to show working


Candidate Assessment Form 

 An assessment form for the interviewer to rate the candidate’s performance in interview

One assessment form for every interviewer

Consolidated rating for each candidate based on the ratings provided by each interviewer

 Ratings would be saved to the database so that the interviewers can refer to it if the same candidate is interviewed again in future


Conversion of Interview Questions 

Speech-to-text conversion technology will be used to convert the interview questions asked in the interview to text format

The converted interview questions will be added to the interview questions database

The name of the interviewer/person who asked the question will also be saved. 


Value Add Services 

This section will provide the value add services to the registered employers to ease the mundane task of shortlisting the candidates

Résumé Parser 

Résumé Rater

Interview Questions Database  


Résumé Parser 

Résumé Parser is a unique feature provided on the portal where all the uploaded résumés would be parsed against the standard set of keyword available in the system

This will assign the keywords to the résumé based on the contents of the document

All the keywords would be shown as highlighted  in the résumé

Candidate can make changes to the list of keywords if they feel its not appropriate and does not reflect their specialization


Résumé Rater 

This will help the employers to assign a percent rating to the résumés. For e.g., if the 75% keywords match with the given job requirements, then it is rated by the system


Interview Questions Database 

System will maintain a database of interview questions

This will also include the interview questions which were converted by speech-to-text during online job fair

Recruiter/Candidates can add questions along with the suitable answer

The question/answers can also contain the reference links to provide more clarity on the terms included

The contributor can add his name and email ID while adding interview questions to enable the search of questions by contributor name



#  High  Level  Solution


#   Solution  Architecture


#   Technology   Stack

Natural language processing 

Machine learning 

SOLR - Search 

MongoDB – NoSQL DataStore 



Given past datasets machines can be trained to classify CVs and JDs into predefined buckets 

 Automated classification done using clustering algorithms 

 Unstructured to structured data conversion using natural language processing engine 

 Best match of jobs to candidates using recommendation engines 



Both CV and JD(Job descriptions) are best provided in natural language 

Current advances in technology allow for efficient natural language processing 

Automatic classification of CVs 

#  IT
    Develop / Manager / Admin / etc 

    Automotive / Oil and Gas / Civil / etc 

Keyword extraction from CV and JD 



Solution needs to be able to search a lot of data quickly and reliably 

 SOLR is a proven highly scalable search solution 

SOLR clusters would be setup for jobs and CVs 

Natural language search would be available over both of these 


MongoDB -  NoSQL DataStore

Traditional databases face challenges to be able to store different types of unpredictable schemas needed by different verticals 

Structured data for IT candidates will be very different from structured data for automotive candidates 

MongoDB excels at schemaless structured data. Each vertical can have its own schema and structured data entities that carry value 

This will serve as the basis of the data for recommendation engine 


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