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FAQ for Employers - OnlineJobsFair

{ In case of some of the features below , there is a different thinking now , since this FAQ is dated 06 Nov 2012 }

(  Upload Date :  31 Oct 2016  )


Cover Note :

Shuklendu ,

#  Enclosed , find FAQ for Employers and for Jobseekers

#  I treat FAQ , as a set of " Promises " made by us to the users

#  FAQ describe , what will happen , if user does XYZ . And sometimes , what will NOT happen

#  But my U / I may be defective ! There may be no provision to make those " promised things " to happen !

#  Whenever this is the case, you need to modify the U / I . So , you need to read each FAQ and ask ,

     "  In which U / I , will this happen ? "

#  FAQ are also in the nature of a " Wish-list " on part of Employers and Jobseekers

    Ideally , I should have FIRST written the FAQ and then developed the U / I , accordingly !

#  In any case , U / I s need a lot of cosmetic improvements too . So , there will be many " discoveries / re-
    iterations " as we go along


02  Nov  2012


Q   :   Why should I use Online Jobs Fair in preference to other typical job portals ?
          What are my advantages  ?

A   :   Good question - which has several answers !

     *   On our web site , Recruitment Process , is FASTER ; only 4 days against , at least 29 days if you use a
          typical job portal

    *    It is CHEAPER - being absolutely FREE . Other job portals will charge you a hefty annual / monthly
         / quarterly ,  subscription

   *   It is BETTER - because you don't need any ground-based  INFRASTRUCTURE  such as ;

       #   Air conditioned Interview Cabins

       #   Waiting hall for candidates

       #   Receptionist

       #   Travel Reimbursements

       #   Lunch arrangements..... etc

  *   If you are a BIG / REGULAR job advertiser on typical job portals , you must have noticed that your mail-box
      gets flooded with thousands of resumes . These take days to sort out [ vacancy wise ] and read

      On this site , all applying resumes are stored vacancy-wise online , where you can open / read in minutes

      No flooding of your mail-box !

     { In Oct  2016 , these resumes will get displayed in the DESCENDING ORDER of the RAW SCORE assigned to
        each resume , automatically . So , a Recruiter will need to read only the TOP FIVE resumes - not 500 !  }


Q   :   You say your site is absolutely FREE . Are there any restrictions on the number of job advertisements that I
         can post or on the number of resumes that I can download ?

A   :   Absolutely no restrictions on the number of jobs that you can post

         Post as many as you like - as often as you like

         There is no " Resume Search " feature on our site !

         We believe , " resumes should go searching for jobs " posted by you  !

         Of course , you can download the resume of those candidates who apply against any job posted by you

         Why should you search ( for several hours ) and download 1,000 resumes , send out Interview Emails to
         300 , only to discover that 250 are NOT interested in the job you have to offer ?

         This is a colossal waste of your time

         On our site , when a candidate " Applies " against your job , he is seriously interested and visits his "
         INTERVIEW  CALENDAR " several times a day to see if he has been shortlisted for interview by you


Q   :   If all resumes are stored vacancy - wise , on your site , how do I read / rate / shortlist a few and send out
         interview calls ?

A   :   On this site , there is only one OFFLINE process , viz: candidate presenting himself at your office on the
         joining date given !

        All the rest of the processes are ONLINE , including :

        #    Vacancy wise storage of resumes of those who apply

        #    Opening / reading those resumes ONLINE

        #    Rating those resumes as A / B / C / R { Excellent / Good / Fair / Reject }

        #    Selecting a few for interviewing

        #    Selecting an Interview Date from your ONLINE INTERVIEW CALENDAR

        #    Fixing Interview Time for each candidate

        #    Getting candidate's " Acceptance " for attending interview at specified time

        #    Actually interviewing him ONLINE, using Skype / Instant Messaging through your INTERVIEW CONSOLE

        #    Rating candidate after interviewing

        #    Selecting for sending Job Offer

        #    Drafting Job Offer

        #    Sending Job Offer ( automatic SMS / email )

        #    Getting candidate's acceptance of job offer ........etc


Q   :   My company advertises SAME / IDENTICAL vacancy , every few weeks . Under these circumstances , we
         may have already interviewed and rejected many candidates earlier ( over a period of time ) , during

         Now , it is possible that those " Rejected " candidates may keep applying again and again

         How do I keep track of such earlier " Rejected " candidates during the next " short-listing " process ?

A   :   This is a very real , universal problem when it comes to ground-based  OFFLINE  short-listing

         Many candidates are in the habit of applying again & again ( even against different levels of vacancies or
         against same level of vacancy but in different cities )

         In our ONLINE  RESUME   RATING  page , there is a column for : REJECTED  EARLIER : with a tick against
         the name of a candidate , if you have interviewed and rejected him , at any time in the past ! Even 5 years !

         This column even shows against which job , he was interviewed and rejected

         So , not only you but any of your colleague / successor who logs into this page from any part of the World,
         at any time , would know the candidate's " REJECTION  HISTORY "

        Obviously , you won't call him again !


Q   :   On the " Resume Rating " page , I also find a column for " If Already Blacklisted "
         What is this ?  Who has blacklisted a candidate and for what ?

A   :   In this column , against a candidate's name , you may find a tick , if  YOU ( ie ; any recruiter of your
         company ) have black listed that candidate earlier , for following reasons 

        #   The candidate failed to attend the interview AFTER confirming that he will

           { Of course , black-listing for this reason alone seems a very harsh punishment ! }

       #   That candidate failed to join duty on the joining date , AFTER having accepted your Job Offer

      Once you black-list any candidate ( using , " BLACK-LISTING  CANDIDATE " page ), this tick will appear
      against his name whenever he applies against any future job of your Company. Of course , if you are
      convinced with the valid reasons furnished by such a candidate , you can remove his name from the black-list

     But now , you don't have to " REMEMBER " the names of such unreliable candidates while doing " Resume
    Rating "


Q   :   In " Resume Rating " page , what is this " PEER RATING " score ?

         How does that help me do a better job of rating resumes for the purpose of short-listing ?

A   :   OnlineJobsFair is the ONLY site in the World , which enables any registered jobseeker to " Tune In "
        into any Interview Cabin and silently listen to the Interview Questions being asked by the Interviewer
       and the answers being given by the candidate,

      AND ,

      " Rate " that candidate's Interview Performance as 4 ( Excellent ) / 3 ( Good ) / 2 ( Fair ) / 1 ( Poor )

      Depending upon the number of raters and their ratings , our Software computes " Average Rating "

      This is what you see in the " PEER  RATING  " column

      Of course , these " SILENT  LISTENERS " , who tune into any Virtual Interview Cabin , have no clue as to the
      company interviewing or the candidate being interviewed

     Total anonymity is guaranteed

     This is very much like an AUDIENCE  POLL  of " Kaun Banega Crorepati " , or PRE-ELECTION POLLING SURVEYS
     of TV channels , which have time and again , proved to predict the outcome

    Of course , in no way , this replaces your own judgment of a resume ; it only supplants

    [ In Oct  2016 , I don't think this is a good idea ! ]


Q   :   Once I have short-listed a candidate and assigned a specific interview date and time , how does candidate
         come to know about the same ?

A   :   The moment you short-list a candidate and assign to him , a specific interview date / time , through your,

         "  CREATE   INTERVIEW   SCHEDULE  "  page ,

        this decision of yours will instantly update that candidate's own'

        "   YOUR   INTERVIEW   SCHEDULE   "  page

        Not a second lost ! No need to send SMS or Email ! Instant feedback !

       Since ALL candidates are extremely anxious to know whether they have been " Accepted " for getting
      interviewed , they keep looking up their " INTERVIEW  SCHEDULE  " page , every few minutes !

      And when they notice that a particular company has selected them ( against a particular Job ID ) for
      interviewing , they will tick , either of  >  Will  attend     >  Regret  ( on their page )

      And you will come to know instantly


Q   :   In a ground-based Job Fair , I can walk around and see which other Companies have got Stalls / Cabins
         and what kind of positions they are trying to fill .

        Can I do this online , on your site ?

       I am particularly interested to know about companies in my Industry Sector ?

A   :   Sure  !

         Just look up , "  WHO  IS  INTERVIEWING  ?  "  page

       [ No need to login , so any visitor can see ]

       On this page , you will see a list of Companies which are conducting ONLINE interviews , RIGHT AT THIS
      MOMENT  !

      You will even see :

     *   WHICH Company is interviewing for WHAT vacancy

     *   HOW MANY candidates they have already interviewed so far

     *   HOW MANY candidates are remaining to be interviewed

     *   HOW MANY job offers they have made so far

     There is no way , you can come to know about such things in a ground-based Job Fair !


Q   :   Why have you restricted OnlineJobsFair to " FRESH  GRADUATES " only ?

         Why not also for " Experienced Professionals " ?

A   :   We felt this is where the need is greatest
         Indian Colleges churn out some 3.5 Million Graduates , each year . Of these , only 10 % find jobs

         These 10 % belong to Educational Institutions enjoying high reputation , where Company Placement Officers
        go for CAMPUS INTERVIEWS

        And thousands of MEDIUM / SMALL size Companies don't even get invited for conducting Campus Interviews

        Neither can they afford to pay a Subscription of Rs 30,000 /-( for a quarter ) to leading job portals for posting
        job advts

       Besides , Fresh Graduates are NOT bothered about , Industry / Function / Posting City / Salary offered / Desig
       offered , etc

       They are  DESPERATE  to take up ANY JOB , ANY WHERE  !

       We believe , the  UNIQUENESS  of our Value Proposition , would encourage millions of SMALL / MEDIUM
       companies from AROUND  THE   WORLD , to post their jobs for Fresh Graduates , where selection criteria are
       relatively simple


Q   :    If I do not wish to conduct ONLINE interview through Skype , can I do so by using Instant Messaging or
           Mobile phone ?

A    :    Of course , you can

           When assigning Interview Date / Time , to a candidate through :


           you can , against name of each short-listed candidate , mention ( enter ) , your


           Candidate will get to see this in his own,

           " YOUR   INTERVIEW   SCHEDULE  "  page'

           and , he will be prepared accordingly

   {   In Oct  2016  , this is ARCHAIC !  Nothing but VIDEO interviewing should be permitted !  }


Q    :   Can I attach in my job advt , a Power Point presentation or a VIDEO of my company ?

A    :    Most certainly , you can

           And we strongly recommend that you do , so that all the jobseekers can see for themselves , your
          Company's physical facilities , Work place environment , Career Opportunities  etc

          This will help you attract the best talent

          One more reason , why you should attach a Company Video to your job advt :

         Many candidates will login for an interview , 10 / 15 minutes BEFORE their scheduled time

         But who likes to keep staring at the BLANK SCREEN of their INTERVIEW CONSOLE ?

         Now , if you have uploaded your Company Video , they can watch it even as they are waiting for you to
         become free from your preceding interview 

         Let your Company Video do the selling !


Q    :    Can different Interviewers sitting in different physical locations ( eg: one in Mumbai and another in Delhi ) ,  
           interview the SAME candidate simultaneously , in the SAME , Virtual Cabin ?

A     :    This is another USP of OnlineJobsFair  !

            Sure , you can do this , using " Conference Call " feature of Skype

            Both Interviewers should enter the same ( Virtual ) , INTERVIEW  CABIN  NUMBER allotted by our software
             by entering this number in their respective INTERVIEW  CONSOLE

             Presto  !

             Now both interviewers and the candidate ( although separated by thousands of Km ) , can see , talk to
            each other

            This is especially very convenient / productive , when identical vacancies ( eg: Trainees of various types ) ,
            need  to be filled in , at various locations in a large , multi-location Company

            In such cases , allotment of selected candidates , can take into account the location preferences of a


Q   :    Is there any limit to the number of Virtual Cabins that I can requisition at any given time  ?

A    :    None , whatsoever

           This is the USP of OnlineJobsFair

           We offer you , UNLIMITED  RESOURCES  !

           We can create Millions of Virtual Cabins and our software will happily allot you , as many as you want , at
           any given time

           Here is how :

          On your page , "  CREATING   INTERVIEW   SCHEDULE  " , just click on " ADD  CABIN  " button

          Our software will search our inventory of FREE cabins , find one and allot to you , giving you the CABIN

          But a CABIN NUMBER , allotted will be " " validated " only when you enter / type , the name of a different

         Obviously , each Interview Cabin , needs to be " manned " by a different interviewer. All you need to ensure
         is that ,

        *   You have enough Interviewers ( need not be Company Employees , if you decide to outsource )

        *   You inform them the date / time / cabin number / login details / position to be interviewed etc

            {  In Oct 2016 , I think , this process should also be ONLINE through our site itself ! }

             And , no penalty for UNUTILIZED cabins !


Q    :    After interviewing a candidate online , can I call him for a " face - to - face " FINAL INTERVIEW to my office
          before deciding whether to make a job offer or not ?

A    :    Of course , you can

          After completing online interview , at the bottom of the INTERVIEW  CONSOLE , click radio button :

         " ( ) Keep  on   Hold "

         Then tell the candidate to come / meet you personally , at your convenient date / time / venue

         Do not forget to tell him whether he will be reimbursed travel / hotel expenses or not and whether he might
         be required to stay overnight

         Make sure to get his acceptance and then send out a confirmatory email


Q    :    Is OnlineJobsFair similar to walk-in interviews ?

A    :    Not in the least  !

           In a ground-based Walk - In Interviews , anyone who thinks he is qualified for the advertized job , walks in
           with his resume

           More than 50 % of such candidates are UNSUITABLE - and waste your precious time

           Good candidates may not even get their turn ( at being interviewed ) due to unmanageable rush of useless
           candidates !

          In OnlineJobsFair , you study the resume first and only then decide whether a candidate is worth calling for
          interview or not

          Only when you are satisfied , you send an " Invite " through online short-listing

         {  In Oct 2016 , it is quite simple to AUTOMATE  , even this process , without human intervention ! }


Q    :    How can I be sure that the person I am interviewing online , is not a PROXY for the candidate whose
           resume I have short-listed for Online Interview ?

A    :    We do NOT accept any resume without a photo of the candidate . So you can see this photo when you
           click open his resume . Compare this with the face that you " see " on the Skype

           But , if you are interviewing using IM or mobile phone , then it is very difficult to prevent proxy

          Of course , you can try to " trip " the proxy , by asking ( and recording ) many details appearing in his
          resume , to see if there are any inconsistencies

          The best way to prevent proxy is to use Skype


Q    :    Before I short list an applicant for online interviewing, I would like to check out his final year Marks Sheet

           How can I do this ?

A     :    If you are conducting online interview using Skype , you can ask him to hold the mark sheet against the
            PC / Tablet camera

           Alternately , you can send him an email to email it to you , prior to interview

           In fact , you can phone him on his mobile and instruct him

          And then , you may want to see some other documents , besides mark sheet


Q    :    Over the years , I might post hundreds of Job Advts on OnlineJobsFair . How do I keep track of these ?

A    :    Easy

           You can track ALL of your jobs , by looking up the following pages :

           #   All   the   jobs   posted   so  far

           #   Closed  Jobs   Summary

           #   Live  Jobs   Summary

           #   Summary  of   Job  Offers   Made


Q    :    When a candidate looks up , one of the jobs posted by my company , will he get to see " My name / Email
           Id / Mobile No etc " in the job advt and then , will that lead to my getting thousands of unsolicited phone -
           calls / emails  ?

A     :    Certainly not

            Job Advt will only show your Company's official Email ID / Fax No / Address

           Job advt will NEVER show your personal contact details

           But , if you short list and interview him online , you may need to give him such info to enable him to
           communicate to you , his " acceptance / confirmation " re further interviews etc


Q    :    Once in a while , some interviewer / recruiter of my company , with knowledge of USER ID / PASSWORD of
           your web site , may resign and leave the employ

           How can we stop such persons from future logins ?

A    :    We have absolutely NO CONTROL over this  !

           Our web site will accept and grant access to anyone with correct Password

           Only protection for you is to immediately change the Password

          This is particularly important if you have given the Password to many recruiters / interviewers in your
          Company or , even to outside " Experts " to whom , you may have outsourced the task of conducting
          online interviews

          You can minimize this risk by ,

          #   Insisting ( to candidates ) on Skype only

          #   Like an AUDITOR , drop into various Virtual Cabins , un-announced to see " WHO " is interviewing
              " WHOM " , on your behalf

          We are not responsible for wrong use of your Login details




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