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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

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Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Sunday, 5 October 2003


The important elements of this projects are:
Mass Recruitment of 700-900 persons
-    Never done by us before / nor anyone else.

Very tight Time – Frame
-    Just 10/12 weeks  from green signal
                                   (zero date)

-    (i.e- Receipt of Commercially clear Purchase order accompanied by retainer )

Scope of Work
-    Drafting of Advt
-    Receiving & rating 2 lakh applications
-    Tele interviewing of 40,000 candidates

Resource – Mobilization
·      Space / HW / S W / Tele. Lines & Instruments
·      11 raters
·      22 Tele-Interviewers
·      8/10 Help-Desk operator
·      10/15 online D/E operators
·      4/5 Telephone operators
·      Recruitguru Platform
Quite possibly RPL will give us no more than max. of 4 weeks (from zero date) to mobilize our resources. Any over-run here will eat into overall project-time. There is every possibility that RPL may attach a PENALTY – CLAUSE / RISK – PURCHASE CLAUSE / LIQUIDATED DAMAGES CLAUSES, for time overrun.
For us, resource mobilization means finding / selecting / appointing 60 persons & putting them into a large enough / furnished office. All within 3 weeks ! This is going to be tough.
One possible Solution could be :
Ø Group A
®   11 raters   +
®   22 Interviewers

These people shall be asked to work from their homes.
At home, each will be given a PC & Internet connection (Phone Line)
Raters will get ONE phone connection to log into Recruitguru & Carry-out their rating (A/B/C/R) online.
Interviewers will get TWO phone connections
®   One for log-into Recruitguru online & make “Interview Evalution” entries on resumes.
®   Second for dialing-up the earlier shortlisted candidates (as per daily schedule / program available online on Recruitguru)

This means, we do not need Tele Operators. Interviewers to do their own dialing. Each phone no. dialled / & duration of phone call will be recorded by phone- service provider (Reliance Infocom 3).
We can take 2 wireless Landline / mobile phones of Reliance Infocom for each interviewer. These phone-lines can connect to internet also.
(Nirmit got one for his residence)
Thru log we will know that a particular candidate did actually get called up & did get interviewed and by whom.
So interviewer (be cause  he is operating from his home ) cannot simply fill-up the Interview Evaluation sheet, WITHOUT even phoning the candidate concerned.
We can even consider, asking the candidates to send an email, saying he was interviewed  by so-and-so, on such-&-such date.
What are the advantages of getting rates & interviewer to operate from their own residences ?
Ø No limit on. of persons that can be pressed into this services. Everybody has a home (-most likely with a PC / a Phone-line / a study-room / a wife to serve tea / an A/C if it gets warm etc.
Ø The  raters & experts could be in any city
(as long as they can log in)
Ø We don’t have to hire /rent an office-space. So we save this mobilization time & cost.
Ø We don’t need tele – operators to dial the candidates. Interviewer will dial themselves.
Ø Even though raters & interviewers are spred-out all over, our central monitor their minute-to-minute performance directly from Recruitguru console.
Ø Interviewers can “pace” their interviewers on their own, taking more or less time, depending upon the candidate.
Ø We need not indicate to the candidates precise date & time, at which to remain present near his “phone-instrument.”
Now we can just tell the candidates only the “ Date” on which he  should keep himself free.
Although interviewer will see, on his “Interviewer’s console” the day’s “Interview-schedule and will generally  follow the sequence in which the candidate names appear, he can always skip-one & go to the next ,if he finds line is busy or the candidate is in the toilet ! he can always dial again, a little later or leave a message.
By only giving the “Date”, we can have some interviewer start, as early as 8 a.m & go on till 10 p.m ! They don’t waste 3 hours on the road.
And they will be free to take their tea-break / Lunch-break etc at their personal convenience ( and their own cost !)
We don’t need to control / monitor that they are
1.  Available in our office
2.  Using their time most/ productivity.
We can pay them by  “Nos interviewed” rather than by “ Hours put-In”. This will be a powerful incentive for recruiters to earn more by working longer !
Of Course, to ensure that in a mad-rush to earn more money, quality must not suffer, we will stipulate
Ø Base Load (No. of Daily Interviews)
Ø Maxm Permissible Daily Interviews
Ø Mines No. of minutes / interview                           etc.
In our Contract / agreement with the Interviewers, we will also stress that whether they will get from us, “ repeat” assignments. or not, will depend upon
·      Not only their QUANTITATIVE  output
·      Their QUALITATIVE output
                                                                As well.

We will cheek their QUALITY (of interviewing / judgment ) by plotting the percentage of candidates shortlisted by him, who finally got selected / appointed by RPL / So, if he has done a good job, a higher % age will get appointed. We can fix a Quality-bonus based on this % age.
Same logic will apply to “Raters” as well.
Of Course, as far as raters are concerned, & do not envisage any difficulty for them to work from their homes.
When each morning, as they log in, they will find a list of resumes to be rated & start their work and continue as long as they like (with or without breaks).
But here again, we must specify in their contract
·      Base Load / day
·      Max Load / day            etc.

And same type of QUALITY – CONTROL stipulations.
Ø Group B
®   8/10 Help Desk Operators
®   10/15 D/E Operators

Although, theoretically, these persons can also operate from home,- and get paid on “per piece” basis – I feel, in their case the, best solution would be to hire, so many “seats” in an existing call-centre, because these people will require “joint training” right in the beginning. By working next to each other, they will also learn from each other, when they face a problem. On top of that, a supervisor should be available to guide them.
We should negotiate / coutrated with the call-centre concerned for availability of these persons from 8 a.m to 8 p.m. These timing should be boldly printed in Job-advt of RPL, so that candidates do not call-up at odd hours.
One thing is quite obvious.
If the entire exercise is about “remake” of the “employer-Brand” of Reliance, then RPL’s name has to appear in bold in the job-advts released all over the country.
If not for benefit of themselves, why should RPL spend lakhs of rupees to provide a WOW experience to candidates? Afterall, why do we / RPL want to give to 2 lakh jobseekers, this WOW experience?
(For whom the bell tolls?)
Despite this, if RPL has their own internal compelling reasons, not to put their name on the job-advt., then, at least, let us ensure that our / 3 P & Recruitguru / names do appear – and not inconspicuously in a corner ! If our name is on this “historical” job-advt., it will form part of all our future proposals for Mass-Recruitments, to national / Multinational companies, coming into India in a big way, in RETAINING.

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