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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

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Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Saturday, 4 October 2003


Reliance Project Main Activities
Ø Resources Mobilization

·      Space (or a call centre)
·      People
·      Funds / Money
·      Hardware
·      Software                Computer-related
·      Other eqpt / accessories  {phone lines / video eqpt etc}

(Details enclosed are not comprehensive & Raju / Nirmit should draw-up a detailed checklist)

Resource- Space
Ø Space requirement (sq.ft) / Toilet / Pantry)
Ø Preferred Location (Marol / Andheri / MIDC / Parle)
Ø Furnished Vs. Unfurnished
Ø Period for which required
Ø Purchase Vs. leasing
Ø Advance / Deposit
Ø Purchase price Vs. lease Rent
Ø Estate Agent / Commission of Agent
Ø Date by which to selected
Ø Dare by which to occupy
Ø Advt ?

Resource – People
Ø Type of people & No’s in each type
Ø Man Specifications
Ø Job Descriptions                    For each type
Ø Tentative Consolidated salary (Fixed)
Ø Incentive for performance (variable)
Ø Sources (where to find ?)
Ø Advt (jobsites / print media etc)
Ø Word-of-mouth ?
Ø Time Frame for Selection / Appointment Letters (diff types)
Ø Selection of Interviewers
Ø Walk-in-Interview ?
Ø Joining Date (same date for entire team)
Ø One day indirection at 3P (Process)
Ø One day indirection at RPL ?
Ø To thoroughly understand job-requirements.
Ø Other smaller Placement Agencies ?
Ø Working – Hours
Ø Performance – criteria
Ø Peons / watchmen / Receptionist
Ø Data Entry Operators
Ø (Entering faxed resumes or “dictated “ resumes)
Ø HW / networking Maintenance Engineer
Ø SW Engineer
Ø Telecom Engineer                                    ON SITE MAINENANCE

Resources :FUNDS
Ø Monthly cash flow on. Salaries
Ø                               . Rental
Ø                               . Phone bills
Ø                               . Electricity
Ø                               . Travelling
Ø                               . Stationery
Ø                               . Food / Tea

Ø Capital expenditure – If any

(to be avoided as far as possible)
Wherever feasible, capital items must be rented.
Eg. Computers
      Phone Instruments
     Tables / Chairs / Whiteboards
     Video-cameras (in case of Video- interviewing)

Resources : Computer Hardware
Ø Configuration & No. of M/C required
Ø Networking Eqpt (Huls / switches / Routers / ups/ cables etc)
Ø Printers
Ø Scanner
Ø Video- cameras ( in case of video-interviewing)
Ø Additional Server at IDC (if reqd)

Ø Phone Instruments (Headphone Types only to keep both hands free for keyboard / mouse)
(wireless ?)
(Mobile ?)
Ø White Boards
Ø Tables / Chairs
Ø Sted Cabinets
Ø Photo-copy M/C
Ø Shredding M/C
Ø Tea Vending M/C
Ø Safe (?) / cash Box

Resource : Software (RG software Platform)
Ø Enhancement of Recruitguru for
·      Capturing resumes received over Fax / Phone
·      Multiple online Assessments
-    A/B/C rating
-    Telephonic Prescreening
-    Final interview Assessment Sheet
·        Resume Pep-Up (when candidate rings-up)
·                                (while conducting interview
·                                & entering “assessment”)
·      Communication - Screens
·      Acknowledgement / Feedback
·      Intimation of Interview date / time
·      Interactive Response Sheet
·      Candidate to login & look up (find out) his interview/date/time online
·      SMS to candidates (Mass/Individual)
(both for acknowledging  receipt of resume / selection/Rejectectiar / Interview date /time indirection etc )
·      Candidate to log in & look up (find out) his interview/date/time online
·      SMS to candidates (Mass / Individual) both for acknowledguru  receipt resumes/Selection/ Rejectiar/ Interview date / time indication etc.)
·      Chat / IM online (chat room)
·      FAQ (for candidates guidance)

·      Interview status Screens

·      Resumes Status Screens

·      Balance workload status screens

·      Birds Eye Overview / Summary Screen

(for RPL Top Management preferably graphical & clickable to  drill-down into details, if desired)

·      These screens will provide
·      Daily Position
·      Cumu                                      Against targets set for both

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