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Saturday, 4 October 2003


Nirmit / Raju                                                  05-10-03
Cc : Kartyavya / Abhi / Sanjeev
If Reliance (as a Group) wants to re-make their poor image amongst India’s jobseekers, I entirely agree with Raju, that it is absolutely essential for Reliance to create (for the group as a whole) a PERMANENT JOBSEEKERS HELP DESK which is open 24*7. I believe, for a group like Reliance, this (creation of permanent help desk), is a small price to pay to remake their EMPLOYER BRAND.
But, once created
®   There is no going back. It becomes permanent.
®   Help-desk agent will need to be HR guys
(MBA’s preferably), thoroughly trained in answering a whole gamut of recruitment related questions. They (the Agents) should be capable of answering, convincingly ANY questions posed by jobseekers without shunting them back-and-forth to a no. of executives. It has to be a one-stop-shop.
Enclosed find a set of questions (not comprehensive) to which, you must develop SHARP/ PRECISE answers with help of RPL executives /Our RecruitGuru team – and then train those Help Desk Agents. 
FAQ – By – Candidates
Ø Have you received my resume / application?

Ø What is the status / position of my application?

Ø When will i get to know whether I am shortlisted for interview or not ? How  will you convey your decision to me ? should I phone again to inquire ? if so when?

Ø What is the process which you are going to follow for selection?

Ø Am I supposed to call you up for the telephonic interview ? If you are going to call, how will I know, when you will call? On which no. will you call?

Ø My phone no. has changed. How do I get my new no. into your record/database?

Ø Are any seats/vacancies reserved for SC/ST/OBC categories ?

Ø Are any seats/vacancies reserved for women?

Ø Are women ruled-out for any of these vacancies? Why then, have you asked for “Gender” clarification in resume – form?

Ø Are vacancies fixed statewise/regionwise/ citywise/language-spoken wise?

Ø I  had, in my resume, indicated my posting-location choices as Chennai / Hyderabad / Bangalore. Now I want to change these to Delhi / Jaipur / Ahmedabad. How can I do this?

Ø Which is the employer – Company?

Ø Which is the consulting company ?

Ø What criteria are you going to use for

®   Rating
®   Short listing (Pre-Screening)
®   Final Interviewing

Ø Why is consulting company in the picture?

Ø What is the name of the person who is going to interview me ? Can you please give me his phone no. or email ID ?

Ø In case I am selected, how much period I will get to join? Would you want photocopies of any of my original documents such as

·      Birth Certificate
·      Edu Quali Certificate
·      Final Year Mark Sheet
·      Copy of employment-letter from current employer
·      Copy of latest monthly salary-slip
·      Letter of references                             etc.etc

When would you need these ? How do i send these _ by tax / by post? To whom do I send these to ?
Ø I received an email saying I have been shortlisted for “Telephonic Interview. When will this interview take place ? How will I come to know about this?
Ø My telephonic interview got over on _____, but I have not heard anything since then. Please tell me where do I stand ?
Ø I have received an email asking me to make myself available for telephonic interview on (date) at (time). But on that day I a not available, due to urgent problems. Can you please re-schedule my interview on (date) at (time)  ?

After telephonic prescreening, hoe will I come to know whether I am rejected or I have been shortlisted for face-to-face final interview with Reliance ? How long will it take to know this, once prescreening is over?
Ø If I am called for final face-to-face interview, where & when will it be held? How much notice will I get ? Will I be re-imbursed for return travel-fare? By train (which class?) or by plane ? what proof would you require to reimburse me ? will you reimburse me for hotel-stay ? local taxi-fare ?
Ø What documents should I bring along with me for the final interview ? shall I send Xerox copies in advance ? If so to whom? How do I send – by fax or by post?
Ø If I get selected in final interview, how long will it take for you to issue the Appointment letter ? will it be emailed / faxed / posted ?
Ø In case selected / appointed, which place (city) do I report for joining duty?
I have received your Appointment Letter which mentions only the BASIC SALARY & grade but does not mention my total monthly take home salary, inclusive of all allowances. Pls. tell me total.
Ø In case, I am selected, who will I be reporting to?
Ø What is the probation-period ? Notice period ?
Ø What are the working-hours for this vacancy ? what are the holidays ? How much SL/CL/PL do I get ?
Ø Is this job temporary or permanent ?
Ø Will I have to work in shifts ? will I have to work on Sunday? – in that case, will I get a Compensatory-off?
Ø Is there a loan-facility to buy a scooter?
Ø Which elements of my compensation-package tax-free?
Ø Will I be entitled to any bonus/incentive payment, at the end of the year? How much ? How is it decided ?  Is it linked to my own individual performance ? my petrol-pump’s performance ? Is it a group- incentive ? who all are eligible to receive?
Ø What salary- increment will I get at the end of the year ? Is this a fixed amount or does it depend upon an individuals personal performance? Is there a fixed date on which increments become effective for everyone? Will I get an increment, even if I am on probation?
Ø What whole be my next promotion grade/designation ? After how many years, can I expect to be promoted to next higher grade ? Are there any “performance-related” criteria for deciding promotion?
Ø My colleague has received email intimation for telephonic pre-screening but I have not, why? When will I receive?
Ø I have received your email saying that you could not shortlisted me for me telephonic pre-screening. Can you tell me why? My colleague/ friend, who has same qualification/ experience has been shortlisted but hoe come, I am rejected? Will there be one more round of telephonic pre-screening / final interview ?
Ø I have been asked to join duty on (date). Is that ok? Can you please send me an email confirmation of the changed date?
Ø Your Appointment-letter asks me to produce a copy of my resignation-letter and a copy of “Resignation-Acceptance” letter from my current employer. Although I have resigned & can fax you a copy of my resignation-letter, my employer is refusing to issue me, an acceptance-letter. What do I do?
Ø My current employment-contract calls for me to give to my employer a 3 months notice, so I cannot join your duty by the date indicated in your employment offer. Can you, therefore, please change my joining date to  _________ ?
Ø By paying to my employer money in lieu of notice-period, I can be relieved earlier but will you reimburse me?  

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