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27 June 2013

Friday, 1 September 2000


In the already overcrowded e-recruitment marker, comes a newly launch 

product with a difference…www.recruitguru.com. There is no huge, upfront 

annual subscription. Its service can be activated with a nominal 

activation-fee. It is a pay-per-use or pay –when-use or tariff-based

 self-service, much like a prepaid SIM card of a cellphone. The subscriber can 

customize what service he wants to use and when. A transparent and powerful

 Admin Tool (Flight Deck) places entire control in the hands of the subscriber.

 He can monitor modify usage-pattern of all the “authorize” recruitment 

managers of his company at anytime and in any manner of his choice

. Subscriber can create their own private / secure resume database on 

RecruitGuru (which no one else can access).
Artificial intelligence based, self-learning software of RecruitGuru, will

 automatically convert plain emails resumes into a structured and searchable 

database, without  human  intervention ! So, thousands of email resumes 

accumulated by a corporate over the years, overnight get transformed into a 

database. Now, instead of re-advertising same or similar vacancies again and 

again, all that the subscriber needs to do, is to search his own or secure 

database, using RecruitGuru’s powerful search engine. This one feature alone 

can save lakhs of rupees in advertising cost annually. A its homepage 

proclaims, it could we; be heralding in the future of recruitment web services.


  • India has over 100 million jobseekers – 44 million of whom are registered with some 945 Govt. employment Exchanges.

  • In 2003, Employment exchanges could place only 1.5 lakh registered jobseekers.

  • Some 2 million jobseekers are registering with the Employment Exchanges every year.

  • 17.2% of those registered are graduates

  • Some 3 million students graduate from Indian colleges each year, of which approx. 3000,000 are engineering professionals.

  • Of India’s  workforce, some 7 million are in the “Organised” sector

  • Some 850,000 professionals are working in the IT/ITES sector

  • Manpower requirement in IT/ITES/BPO sector is growing at the rate of 30% per year and expected to reach  5 million by the year 2012.

  • In his budget speech, Mr. Chidambaram said “IT sector, by 2009, will offer an additional 7 million jobs”

  • The churn-rate in BPO sector ranges between 60% - 90% (Last year, spectramind’s annualized churn-rate was 90%)

  • Churn-rate in IT sector ranges between 15% - 25%

  • Company like Infosys, last year received ONE MILLION emails resumes against their various job-advts ! Processing such a huge volume of resumes, to short list a few thousand for interviewing to ultimate appoint 12000, is getting to be nightmare for Recruitment Manager everywhere.

  • Between April & December 2004 WIPRO made 40,000 employment offers!
  • Major Indian jobsites ( Monster / Naukri / JobAhead / Jobstreet etc) Between them, claim to have resume database of 7 / 9 million professionals.
  • Discounting duplicates, this could be 5 / 6 million.

  • Major Indian jobsites, between them boast of

  • 250,000 job-posting database

  • 10,000 New job posting DAILY (-although many are repeated day-after-day!)
  • 15000 corporate clients
  • Some 630,000 complains are registered with the Dept. of Companies Affairs (DCA)

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