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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

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27 June 2013

Friday, 1 September 2000


Version of resumes to their clients, who gain a distinct "Competitive Advantage". By delivering "Image Builder" resumes, they would be

  • Vastly reducing their client’s recruitment cycle and cost
  • Increasing the productivity and performance of the HR dept.

  • Increasing the “throughout”

  • Improving the “decision-making”

  • Enhancing the “quality” of appointments

Such a "Value-Added-Service" on the part of placement agencies and jobsites, would be greatly appreciated by their corporate clients, which, in turn, would bring for them, more clients, and more revenue.

B. Jobseekers

RecruitGuru’s vehicle for serving millions of jobseekers is


Through WWJ, RecruitGuru plans to deliver latest / relevant job-alerts to jobseekers, as SMS on their mobiles. RecruitGuru’s brand for this is

JAM- Job Alert on Mobile

Not only that, WWJ will enable a jobseeker to "Apply Online" against any such SMS, directly from his mobile and  from wherever he happens to be, WITHOUT NEEDING A PC / INTERNET !

“Supply- Chain”

WWJ is downloading thousands of job-advts everyday (only those posted during last 24  hours) from dozens of jobsites.

By "aggregating" job-advts. from dozens of jobsites, WWJ has neatly solved its "supply-chain" logistics, and completely automated the process.

In long-term, WWJ will enter into "Strategic Alliances" with major jobsites, under a UNIQUE, data exchange program.

Delivery /Distribution

For delivering job-alerts to candidates, WWJ is in the process of tieing-up with all the mobile service provides (MSP) of India. The job-alerts SMS will get delivered through MSPs, who will charge their subscribers, for MO (mobile-originated) as well as  MT (mobile terminated) SMS.

MSPs will share their revenue with WWJ.

Since MSPs are keeping for themselves, a major share of the JAM SMS revenue, they will, on their own, carryout, all marketing / selling / promotional activities. WWJ will not be required to spend anything on these activities.

MSPs will also take care of all accounting/ billing / payment collection activities for this Value-Added-Service to their mobile subscribers. This means WWJ will not be burdened by these and will not need to spend any effort / money on these activities.

In course of time, we plan to extend WWJ/ JAM activity to other English speaking countries, such as USA/UK/Canada/ Australia etc. by tieing up with the mobile service providers of those countries.

At present, India has a mobile subscriber base of 50 million. By end of 2007, this figure is expected to cross 200 million.

It is also very clear that, in the next 5 years, a smart mobile phone, will be very common and will become THE DEVICE OF CHOCE for a consumer for conducting all of his e-commerce transactions. Mobile phone will make deep inroads into “Comparison Shopping” for not only goods bur also for services.

For a jobseeker, SMS job-alerts are a kind of “Comparison Shopping” and the ultimate convenience to be able to “ Apply Online” from mobile, is bound t  make the traditional jobsearches ( on dozens of jobsite ) DEAD!

For million of jobseekers, WWJ / JAM will become their

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