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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

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27 June 2013

Friday, 1 September 2000


RecruitGuru proposes to adopt following business model:

A. Corporates , Placement Agencies and Jobsites

RecruitGuru will make available to corporate (end-employers),placement agencies ( middlemen) and to jobsites, its GuruMine / GuruSearch software/ applications through a licensing agreement.

These software /applications will be installed on the local servers of “Licensees”.

For use of these software / applications, licensees will pay to RecruitGuru (the licensor) a certain amount for each resume processed / extracted using GuruMine, subject to a minimum monthly charge. Once-a-month, each licensee will upload onto RecruitGuru’s  webserver, the "Counter-statistics", of the no. of resume processed during the month, based on which, RecruitGuru will invoice the concerned licensee.

This arrangement, being a “pay-per-use” and “pay-when-use” is ideally suited for small / medium enterprises, which are most reluctant to make a heavy upfront investment (often running into lakhs of rupees), for a software application whose utility / usefulness/ benefits are vague and unknown at the time of purchase.

In our case, there is no upfront payment for these software (except for a small installation / activation charge). He pays only if he uses these software. And he is certainly not going to use these, unless he sees / feels clear benefits in using !

Again, a licensee only pays for extraction (i.e. GuruMine ) of each resume.
A licensee gets to use Guru Search (search software) absolutely FREE! So, even if he stops using GuruMine, he still gets to use GuruSearch, absolutely FREE.

Everytime Recruitguru, introduces, a new version of GuruMine/ GuruSearch, it will intimate the licensee, who can then download the latest version from RecruitGuru.com upon payment of a nominal “UPGRADE” charge.

Since, a licensee’s resume database, reside on his own local server, he has no worry / fear of unauthorized ‘access’ from a third party. He can install his own Data Security measures. This will vastly increase the acceptance-level of GuruMine / GuruSearch amongst the licensees.

Once again, by making our revenue-model “pay-per-use”, at a very nominal charge (per resume extracted), - by not having any upfront fee/ charge-we plan to increase its acceptance amongst a large no of small / medium size companies, whose daily processing may be 100 / 150 resumes. Even they would find it very economical to install / use GuruMine / GuruSearch.

We believe, GuruMine / GuruSearch will be of considerable importance to placement Agencies and Jobsites, who are constantly on look- out for better ways to satisfy their corporate clients.

In relation to Placement Agencies and jobsites, which deliver to their corporate clients, plain text / unstructured / unsearchable resumes, those placement agencies / jobsites which deliver

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