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27 June 2013

Friday, 28 March 2014


Kaun Banega Crorepati?
Kaun Banega Bhagyashali?
Only 10/12 persons participate in each show (those selected to appear)

Although remotely, several thousand jobseekers participate in each show. These are the people who have “applied” against a job-advt announced in a previous show and eagerly awaiting to get “shortlisted” by Personnel Manager / Computer
Requires repeated phoning (35 lakh phone-calls received in first 5 weeks?)
Use of telephone media.
Rejection if question is answered wrongly.

-Log into www.3pjons.com & apply against job-advt. Posted by personnel managers (any no. of advt = any no. of attempts)
(Internet Media)
-No rejection at this stage
In course of time, use of IVRS technology will allow registering thru POTS (for those without internet connections)
Has considerable tension / excitement / identify with the winner (or loser)

Will lack the drama/ tension/ excitement.
Only jobseekers who have applied, would be tense. Their anticipation (of getting shortlisted, first by the computer and next, by the Personnel Manager) would be high.
Quite involved

Fairly Simple
Database / Content
A very expensive & time-consuming task to create a databank of thousands of questions, structure according to “degree-of-difficulty” & thereafter create a “Random selection” software

-Very simple
-Personnel Managers to enter their jobs into www.3pjobs.com in advance (before the telecast) in a structured format.
-Jobseekers crate their own resumes (content)
-3P have already created & installed a powerful search-engine on its website, which will do the “matching”
Tough to select a few participants from thousands (lakhs?) of aspirants.

Selecting a few hundred Personnel Mangers of reputed, organized sectors corporations, is not too difficult.
Production Cost
-Very expensive t produce
-A celebrity host will charge for participant & companions

-Very low on production cost
-A highly respected HR consultant would be happy to host the show for a few thousand rupees / episode.
Public Interest
Likely to wane after a while as monotony sets in.
The odds of a person getting a chance to participate and becoming a crorepati, are very slim (very low probability).
Again, a person will not be allowed to participate again & again (Obviously!)

-This world is unlikely to run short of jobseekers & employers !-neither will hope fade away from the hearts of human beings!
-So a person will keep trying for jobs again & again ( for a better job if he already has one)
-At Virtual Employment Exchange, he has a better chance of landing a job than a participant’s chance of becoming “crorepati”!
A lot money must have been spent on publicity

The magnetic pull of the subject will bring the viewer-and therefore, the advertisers. Each successful candidate will spread the news.
Multi-media convergence
Only 2 medias are employed viz. TV/ Phone
Uses only PUSH technology

Three medias are used viz. TV / Phone / Internet.
Since participant are participating remotely, KBB has the potential to introduce, into this game
-SMS (over simple mobiles)
-WAP messaging
-Voice-mail (test—speech)
-The sever of www.3pjobs.com will, in any case, use E-MAIL, to communicate with jobseekers & employers
-Use of PUSH as well as PULL technology is foreseen 
Quite high

Relatively low
Only limited to immediate / present participants & audience

Persons from across the country / globe will be able to participate thru internet. Will be in “real time” in future.
Concept Originality
-A 50 year old concept
-License obtained from “who will be the Millionaire?” show

Creation of a Virtual Employment Exchange thru convergence of multimedia is a brand new idea-nearly path breaking!
Channel loyalty
-Quite high
-Difficult to dislodge by a competing program (eg Aap-ki-adalat Vs. Janata-ki-adalat)
-Highly dependent upon     anchor/host personality

-Mediocre initially but if the “first mover” advantage cab be sustained, it can have a “locked-in” viewership
-Celebrity anchor may be a misfit for such a program
-No elements of Co-branding by advertisers

-Participating corporate can project strong institutional-image thru advertising on same show.
Cannot be transformed into a full day channel

Has a strong potential to get transformed into a JOB CHANNEL running thru most of the day.
By getting USA / EUROPEAN / ASIAN corporate to participate, this could become a 24 HOUR JOB CHANNEL.
Advt. Revenues
Substantial but limited to how many spots / minutes you can devote (to advts) in a one hour show.

By running multiple shows during the day or converting into a JOB-CHANNEL, advt. Revenues could be very high.

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