Hi Friends,

Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

With regards,
Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Friday, 28 March 2014


Global Reach
Ø  Participation in KBB would make a jobseeker’s resume “accessible / searchable” to Corporate Personnel Managers from around the Country (-may be even the world). This will considerably improve his/her chance of getting shortlisted / selected.
Minimum Effort
Ø  A Jobseekers can apply against hundreds of jobs with very little effort.
All he has to do is to, once submit his resume online on www.3pjobs.com and obtain his
-      User ID
-      Password
-      PEN (Permanent Executive Number)
Everytime thereafter, when he wants to apply against a particular job announced on KBB, all he has to do is to enter his User ID / Password / PEN and the correct Job-Advt. no. on www.3pjobs.com.
This is all !
He does not have to submit his resume again & again !
In course of time thru use of IVRS, this process would be further simplified when, all that a candidate will need to do to “apply” against a job announced on KBB, would be to
-      Dial a phone number (even those candidates who do not have access to a computer/internet connection, have access to a phone!)
-      Read out his password / user ID / PEN/ job-advt no.

That is all ! He has now entered the contest.
Multimedia will change his life forever.
Easy Access
Ø  A jobseeker would be able to submit his resume on www.3pjobs.com, from any one of the 50,000 cybercafes of S.Kumars.com Ltd. (SKCL) network to which 3P is the content/service provider as far as “jobs & careers” is concerned.
This network will cover 3000 cities/towns.
Live Appearance
Ø  Possibility of appearing in person on KBB, would prove to be a strong motivator.
Quick Results
Ø  A jobseeker, applying against a KBB job, can come to know about the outcome (the fate) of his application within 2/3 days. There is no endless waiting.
No Stigma
Ø  Even when not shortlisted (live, on the show), there is no stigma associated with the process, since, other than himself, no one else knows that he has “applied” against a particular job !No “rejection letter” will be delivered at his residence.
Total Anonymity
Ø  Even if he gets short-listed, his identity is not revealed on the show. His “anonymity” is protected. This is especially important in case of senior-level executives seeking a job-change.
For candidates who get “appointed” (interviewing / salary negotiations / appointments are totally offline), subsequent “appearance” on the show is completely voluntary.
Without a candidate’s express permission, his anonymity will not be compromised at any stage.
Door Delivery
Once a Candidate activates “JOB-ALERT” feature (on www.3pjobs.com) after submitting his resume, he need not worry about missing-out on any job-announcement on KBB, even if he cannot find time to “watch” that particular episode.
The “job-alert” software-agent will automatically- and immediately- send out an email to the concerned candidate, suggesting that he should immediately “apply” against that particular job.
Thru appropriate software, the server will even convert this email into a voice-message and deliver it over POTS to the residence of the jobseeker !
After entering only once, the type of job that he is lookin for, a jobseeker may activate “Auto Job-Apply” feature.
Thereafter, everytime there is a matching job announcement on any episode of KBB, this software agent will, immediately and automatically “register” him as a “candidate” for that particular job further keep him informed of the “outcome” of his “application”, thru e-mails / voicemail.
One real danger of “Auto Job Apply” feature is that the candidate may not bother to watch future episodes of KBB !

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