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Friday, 28 March 2014


Hemen Parek
Although internet itself is more than two decades old. World Wide Web (www) is a recent phenomenon, especially in India. Americans were the first to realize the importance of internet as a powerful media of communication and advertising. It was not merely “product – advertising” but it encompassed advertising for “services” and for creating a “corporate image”.
The Corporate sector which was one of the earliest to jump onto the internet bandwagon was the “services” sectors, whether it was travel & tourism, airlines, hotels, financial services etc. Not to be left-out were the head-hunters!
To-day, there are over 5000 websites offering on-line placement services. The big daddies amongst these are :
www.careerbuilder.com                            www.careermosaic.com
www.careerpath.com                               www.execunet.com
www.hotjobs.com                                    www.monster.com
All of the above are American websites. As far as the job hunt / head hunt related Indian Websites are concerned, there  are 100 of them ! Amongst these, some of the most popular are:
www.3p-jobsearch.com                              www.timesjobandcareers.com
www.naukri.com                                        www.employindia.com
www.smartindia.com                                  www.tvijobs.com
www.smartindia.com                                  www.winjobs.com
www.jobsweb.com                                      www.placementindia.com
www.sampooma.com                                  www.careerindia.com
www.braintrustindia.com                             www.ciol.com
Although most of these websites have come-up during the last 2 years, the services offered by these vary widely. All of these sites offer the following basic services:
For The Job-Seekers
Most websites provide two basic services to jobseekers. These are:
Annexure XII(Contd)    
(A)        Posting the resume
However, the questions that a prospective jobseeker might want to ask here are:
-      Can I submit my resume online or do I need to sent it to the site by snail-mail and thereafter they will (at some unspecified future date) upload it on their website? Will the website assure me total anonymity, by hiding my name and contact information (address/phone no. etc) or can this be seen/ viewed by any headhunters? Will my name get replaced by a unique Code No. which is ailoted to me online the moment I submit my resume? Can my boss findout that it is my resume?
-      Will the website reveal my identity to a prospective employer (headhunter) without my permission?
-      The moment I submit my resume online, does it form part of a “searchable database”? Can I myself decide / specify the parameters under which I would like myself to be searched ? – parameters such as Industry / Function / Designation / Educational Qualification / Posting City preference / Age / Experience / Salary etc. At a future date, if I want to delet / modify my search-parameters, can I do this online on my own ? To do this, will I be ailoted a secrets password / user ID ?
-      In case, my resume gets short-listed by a headhunter, will I receive an intimation from the website?
-      If I want my resume to be forewarded against a specific job-advt posted on the website, will the website undertake to do this?
-      If I do not wish to log onto the website every evening to find out if some new interesting jobs have been uploaded, does the website have a feature whereby I submit my “job-search criteria” only once and whereafter the website will, on its own, keep track of all matching jobs being uploaded / posted and keep me informed ?
(B)        Searchable Database of Job-Advts
Most website boast of a job-advts. Generally these are “posted” by Corporates. Some websites also scan the job-advt which appear in print-media and upload on their sites.
But in most cases, this a simple listing thru which a job-seeker must carefully-and patiently – plod through, till he comes across an advt that interest him. This process is no different than going thru job-advt / appointments section of a newspaper, and may take hours if one has to even cursorily glance at 500 job-advts which may be listed on the website ! Not a satisfactory solution from the jobseeker’s view point although with each jobseekers clicking 500 times, it certainly helps a website to claim that it gets “thousands of hits” everyday !
Once again the question that a jobseeker might want to ask is,
“is the job-advt. database searchable within seconds – by simply entering my “ job-search criteria” such as Industry / Function / Designation level / Posted City Preference etc. and clicking only once?”

For The Headhunters
Most websites provide two basic services to the HR/ Personnel Managers, These are :
(A)        Job-Advt Posting
Although all websites allow Personnel Chiefs to post their job-advts on their site, almost all (except one or two) charge a fee. Of course, the fees are very competitive as compared to the cost of print-media.
However, questions that a Personnel Manager ought to ask are :
-      Can I post my job-advt on-line on my own, directly and without any intervention from the website or do I have to fax them a copy which they will upload after a few days ?
-      If I am allowed to post it online, will it appear instantly and can it be seen by jobseekers around the World from the moment I click on “submit” button?
-      Do I get any feedback from the site, as to how many potential candidates have “viewed” my advt / Is there a counter against my advt that will tell me this?    
-      Will I get the candidate – response directly, without any intervention of the website?
-      Will the response mention ”Advt. No.”, so that it gets automatically segregated/

(B)        Executive-Searching From Resume Database (Head Hunting)
Most websites have an online resume database – however, in most cases, this database is not truely “searchable”- within seconds – by using search-parameters (filters) such as Industry / Designation / Function / Edu. Qualification / Age (yrs) / Experience (yrs) / Current city location etc.
In the absence of a well-defined filtering process, where you can apply the chosen filters simultaneously or sequentially (one by one), searching for your “Man Friday” from amongst 30,000 or 50,000 resumes, resembles the proverbial Need in the Haystack situation ! You might as well be reading typed resumes received thru snail-mail-unless you like to get hypnotized with the sound of 10,000 mouse-clicks !
If the website does offer some kind of a “filtering” process, the next thing a Personnel Manager might want to know is,
Annexure XII (Contd)
“Can I, create on-line, a shopping basket, fill it with the resumes of the short-listed candidates and instantly (of course electronically ) foreward to the website concerned, to take further action?”
Apart from the foregoing main services offered by most websites, there are a few websites which offer one or more of the following features:
-      Compensation Surveys
-      Labour Laws
-      Career – Counseling / Interview tips
-      Industry Profiles
-      Salary Comparison
-      Statutory Returns be filed
-      Corporate Profiles
-      Educational Institutions Database etc

Most of these features are of interest not only to the job-seekers and the Personnel Managers, but also to a wide variety of executives. They would like to return to their favourite site again and again. However, before placing a book-mark on a particular site, based on various features described earlier, a Personnel manager should also the following questions:
-      Is the site-content relevant to my profession ?
-      Does the content help me with the qualify of my decisions ? Does it help improve
My personal performance and productivity ?
-      How interactive is the site ?
-      What is the traffic on the site ?
-      How do leading search-engines rank the site on keyword such as jobs hunt and headhunt ?
At this point, a Personnel Manager is quite likely to throw-up his hands and say, “ Hey!
Hold it ! Hold it for a second ! What is in it for me ? How does it help me ?” That would be a natural reaction ! If I were to say,
“Cut your average recruitment-cycle time from 6 months to 2 months by getting web-sawy”,
How would that sound ? Too good to be true ?
The non-believers may wish to take a close look at Fig. 1 (Recruitment during the dark-ages of pre-intemet era). If I have left-out any activity from this process-flow-chart, feel free to add. Then estimate “average” time it would take to completer each activity. (You already know that all the activities are “sequential- there are no”parallel” process-hence every activity lies on the “Critical Path” of  PERT diagram). Add-up the activitity-times.

 Annexure XII (Concld)
Now turn to
Fig # 2 (Post yourjob-advt. on a website)
Fig # 3 (Conduct an online head hunt on a website)
And repeat the entire process of estimating “average activity time” for both these charts and add-up.
If you were to repear this process for the “actual time taken” to fill the next 50 vacancies in your Organisation and then plot a frequency-distribution diagram, it will most likely look like the top curve on Fig.4 (Frequency Distribution Diagrams for pre-intemet and post-inernet recruitment processes).
Then compare it with the middle and the bottom curves.
When you do, you know what is in it for you. If these three curves cannot convince you to switch-over to the far more attractive

Web-Activated Recruitment Process (WARP),
Nothing else will.

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